Why Your Service Business Needs An Email Marketing Tool

You know that marketing helps grow your field service business. But with many ways to market your services, it can be hard to know where to begin. One way to start is by creating an email marketing strategy. What if you are you a marketing beginner, or too busy to manage marketing? No matter your experience or bandwidth, an email marketing tool can help!

Why Use An Email Marketing Tool?

An email platform can help you build and maintain a strong email marketing strategy. Using a tool, you can plan targeted series of automated marketing and operational emails. Reminders, promos and useful content will help attract new and current clients. Using a tool to send emails is also more efficient than calling each customer.

Email marketing can build trust and encourage customer loyalty in the following ways:

  • Growing personal relationships through targeted communications.
  • Increasing customer happiness by sending timely tips and special offers.
  • Improving retention, as customers feel valued when you regularly reach out to them.
  • Building credibility and trust by sharing advice as an expert in your field.

An email marketing platform can also reduce office time. For example, email automations can send notifications to customers. Now there is no need to worry about manually sending reminders or job updates.

Mailchimp Integrated with FieldEdge – How Does It Help?

FieldEdge’s Mailchimp integration is a powerful tool for field service marketing. Customer data flows from FieldEdge directly into the email platform. This allows you to create send lists and Mailchimp automated emails. Learn more about how it works by downloading the one-page overview!

FieldEdge Mailchimp One-pager

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