FieldEdge Features Closer Look – Dispatch Board & More!

One of the most important aspects of field service software is the dispatch board. In this FieldEdge features closer look, we’ll dive into dispatching and other tools available! 

The dispatch board should be used to keep track of all  the logistical operations on a given day. Dispatchers must have a clear picture of each day’s activity in order to expedite the right techs to the right jobs.

A robust field service scheduling and dispatching software like FieldEdge can go a long way to ensure a smooth ride for all during the sometimes hectic days of a field service business.. 

In this post we’ll cover:

  • How a dispatch board makes life easier
  • How a dispatch board works
  • FieldEdge Features closer look: Other tools that work with a dispatch board
  • Organizing your office with FieldEdge software

How a Dispatch Board Makes Jobs (and Life) Easier!

With a mobile dispatch app and feature there’s no more wasting time. Everybody on your team  will save time and communication will be streamlined:

  • Technicians: Your field team can take calls or get schedule updates from anywhere at any time – all from a phone or tablet! No more dragging around laptops or relying on phone calls from the office. 
  • Office Staff Office staff and dispatchers are able to create work orders, dispatch techs and alter schedules in a few clicks. No more leaving voicemails for techs in the field or updating a whiteboard with dispatching notes. This frees up their time to take more customer calls and growth activities like marketing and sales.

How Does a Dispatch Board Work?

A Smart Dispatch board gives office staff a high-level view of all jobs and tech activity at once. You can see all work orders: assigned, unassigned and completed. 

Here’s how easy dispatching can be:

  • Assigning a job is as simple as dragging the job to the assigned tech. Need to reschedule or get an emergency call? Just input the details and drag to the tech who can take on the job.
  • See everyone’s status in real time: pending, traveling, working, completed.
  • Decrease windshield time – the time wasted in the truck, by using map-based scheduling for the most efficient route

FieldEdge Features Closer Look: Other Tools that Work with a Dispatch Board

A dispatch board is one of many tools you’ll need to be successful. Make sure whatever software you are considering has these other features to help throughout the job.

  • Performance Dashboards: Show a snapshot of your business including sales, service agreements and profitability.
  • Customer Management: Review all work performed and what equipment a customer is using. Also use images to show homeowners what problems exist.
  • QuickBooks Integration: Every transaction flows into QuickBooks, cutting way back on data entry.
  • Service Agreements: A complete picture of when service agreements are due for renewal, billing and scheduling. Send reminders and invoices automatically.
  • Price Presentation: Price books to help your techs sell additional equipment and services.
  • Quotes & Invoices: Reduce unpaid invoices, get paid faster and identify your top performers.
  • Mobile CRM: Allows you to run your business from anywhere. Create work orders and dispatch techs from your mobile device. 

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Timesheet Tracking – Another Timesaver

With FieldEdge Software each of your tech’s time is automatically recorded. Job stages are automatically updated as a tech navigates through the app and the status changes are updated so the office has a clear view of where each tech is on the job. 

This information is used to become more efficient – and office staff will see exactly what is going on at the job without calling anybody. Your techs will be able to handle more jobs in less time and your office staff doesn’t have to make an extra call!

Infographic: Organize Your Office with FieldEdge Software

When diving into features of FieldEdge‘s dispatch board, you will find many ways that software can help your team’s day run smoother. While running a successful business, it’s crucial to stay organized. 

FieldEdge ensures everyone in the company has the tools they need to prioritize tasks and make your customers happy. Our Taking a Closer Look infographic below highlights Dispatch Priority, Tags, and Locations.

Dispatch Board for the Win!

You now have taken a FieldEdge features closer look at the dispatch board and more! Implementing service software like FieldEdge can streamline your entire operation, allowing for more efficiency and greater profits!

In this article we covered:

  • How a dispatch board makes life easier
  • How a dispatch board works
  • FieldEdge Features closer look: Other tools that work with a dispatch board
  • Organizing your office with FieldEdge software

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