Maintenance Agreements: Easy Tips for Selling More

It’s that time of year when many HVAC and plumbing contractors are getting busy with service. What better time is there for selling maintenance agreements? Since maintenance agreements are vital to the health of your business it is crucial to sell them at every opportunity.

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as simply telling the customer of your plan once the work is complete. It takes strategy!

Here are nine easy, yet strategic steps to increase maintenance agreement sales at a minimal expense:

1. Call it an “agreement”, not a “contract”

The word “agreement” implies a harmonious, mutual arrangement, which is undoubtedly more appealing to your customers than “contract”, which is a word that is loaded with negative connotations.

2. It begins on the phone

Plant the seed before arriving on-site by taking a moment to explain your maintenance agreement program, its benefits, and any discounts available.

3. Charge Monthly

Some customers strongly prefer this option because it is easier for many to pay a small amount monthly as opposed to a large lump sum up-front. Set up automatic reoccurring billing through your credit card processing company to make this possible.

4. Use your pricing tools

Most flat rate books, such as quality service Pricing, offer multiple price columns, including one for a maintenance agreement discount. This takes the burden off your staff to be sales pros and allows them to simply show the savings that are available.

Mobile apps, such as Coolfront, actually post potential maintenance agreement savings in bold red numbers. Talk about a conversation starter!

5. Share the revenue

Little can motivate a staff like cold, hard cash. With that in mind, paying a commission or spiff for each maintenance agreement sold is a great way to encourage your staff.

6. Training will save the day

It is imperative that your staff understands the ins and outs of your agreement, including pricing, discounts, and whether agreement pricing applies after-hours and on weekends. Be sure to speak in terms homeowners appreciate, such as “energy savings” and “safety”.

7. Practice, practice, practice

Hold short weekly maintenance agreement meetings to review previous successes and roll play the selling process. This will allow your staff to be more relaxed when in front of customers.

8. Motivation through recognition

A strong method for motivating your staff is through monthly contests. Don’t just reward the top seller; also give a prize to the largest increase in sales.

9. Deliver on your promises

To maintain or even improve your reputation always be sure to show up when scheduled. This goes double for maintenance agreements, as nothing will upset a customer more than paying for a service and their expectations not being met.

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