4 Resources to Find the Best HVAC Installers

Most HVAC professionals are either HVAC techs troubleshooting and fixing AC units, or they are HVAC installers who spend their days setting up new equipment.

In this article, we’ll focus on the best ways to find and hire the top HVAC installers in the industry. We’ll do a deep-dive on the leading lucrative resources you can utilize to discover the best professional HVAC installers:

  • Job search websites to target the best local talent
  • Trade schools to recruit new candidates entering the market
  • HVAC websites to directly connect with installers
  • Social media to target HVAC professionals in the area

1. Job Search Websites

Online employment websites are still one of the most popular and effective ways to hire top employees. 

When starting the initial job hunt for qualified HVAC installers, the online job sites are the first and best place most employers and employees search. Here are the top sites:

  • Indeed: With over 300 million unique visitors per month, it’s user-friendly design allows candidates to easily upload resumes. In fact, a search for HVAC installers returned 29,038 related jobs.
  • Careerbuilder: While it has a great job search option, Careerbuilder charges a hefty fee for posting jobs—making it geared more toward businesses willing to pay to post.  
  • ZipRecruiter: With over 2.8 million businesses that have recruited applicants on this site, ZipRecruiter is another leading job search tool. 
  • Monster: As one of the first big job sites for 25 years, this site attracts more than 35 million unique visits each month.
  • LinkedIn: Similar to Facebook, LinkedIn is one of the largest professional social networks. Your LinkedIn profile serves as a digital resume, allowing you to grow your professional network. In turn, LinkedIn can be a great place to recruit commercial HVAC installers through paid ads.

Posting HVAC installer openings on these job search websites casts a wide net. Next, we’ll explore how to use your local area to discover top-shelf talent.


2. Trade Schools

Trade or vocational schools are a great resource for hiring new HVAC installers. Although, this has both pros and cons. 

By recruiting from trade schools, candidates are just starting their career. They are excited about the job and eager to learn. Also, these candidates are typically cheaper labor, and serve as a clean slate to train as your company sees fit. 

The disadvantage? It may take time to get the new worker up to speed… much longer than someone who has already worked in the HVAC trade for years. 

Here are a few tips for setting up entry-level HVAC employees for success:

  • Ensure you have an onboarding process set up before the employee’s first day. Schedule out their first couple of days and get all the paperwork ready to fill out. 
  • Have the new employee shadow one of the other installers.
  • Assign a more senior installer to train the new employee.

Pro Tip! Partner with local trade schools and professors to find the best students. 

3. HVAC Websites

Many of the leading HVAC websites feature job boards. It’s another great place to find HVAC installers. Plus, since HVAC websites are industry-specific, it eliminates all other job postings. Here are a few of the HVAC job boards:

Also, most of these sites have great HVAC content and allow you to connect with other HVAC professionals. 

We recommend posting your job description on several of these sites. Because these sites are dedicated to HVAC companies only, you’ll want to make sure you share what sets YOUR company apart, including any awesome benefits you provide!


4. Social Media

With 84% of job seekers using social media in their job search, more employers are turning to social media to recruit. In fact, a recent survey found, 70% of managers had success hiring through social media. 

Many companies use a mix of traditional recruiting and social recruiting, but socials are starting to tip that scale. Social media allows recruiters to quickly narrow the candidate pool and find qualified applicants. 

Social media also allows a business to screen a potential candidate on their social media. 70% of employers believe every company should screen candidates’ social media profiles. 

We recommend sharing job postings on your social channels and encouraging your employees to share with their networks. You never know who might see the post and be interested!

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You’re Ready to Hire HVAC Installers!

Now, you have a better handle on the resources available to successfully make your next hire. Even though it takes a lot of hard work to find the right candidate, these simple steps will speed up your search in no time!

Use this article to discover the best HVAC installers in your area by::

  • Navigating the best job search websites and the qualities of each
  • Recruiting and connecting with trade schools for new hires
  • Posting on the job boards of popular HVAC sites
  • Adding social media to your recruitment repertoire

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