Building a Better Business with Jason Brassfield

On this episode of the Profit Roadmap, we’re talking with Jason Brassfield, the founder of Brassfield Landscaping. 

We cover some great topics, including:

  • Create a plan for success
  • The difference between training and coaching your team
  • The secret for massive growth
  • How to achieve work/life balance
  • And so much more!

Starting Out

Jason Brassfield got started in his teen years mowing lawns and kept at it after he got his college degree.

For years, it was just Jason and a truck. Those early days were a bit of a grind where Jason was trying to make money.

But after a while, he started to develop some back issues and was looking for a contingency plan.

He knew that he wasn’t getting any younger and he was looking for a way that he could scale his business, and that’s when he attended one of the early Service Autopilot conferences (which is now called Service Edge).

Shortly after that, he joined Field Services Academy which helped him connect with other service businesses who were also committed to growing.

He loved the accountability he found in Academy and it made him a better person.

He knew that if he told his accountability partners that he was going to follow through with something, he would actually do it.

And by doing that, making plans to achieve his goals, and taking action he was able to level up his company.

But on top of all that, he knew that he wasn’t alone as a service business owner and that was very meaningful to him.

Working With the Team

One of the things Jason is committed to is creating a vision for the coming year in his business.

This is something he writes down, creates a plan for, and communicates with his team.

He likes to have these goals up and look at them every day so that he stays accountable.

Jason also works with his team to make sure that they have the coaching they need to grow with the business.

There is a difference between coaching and training and Jason says that coaching goes a lot further than sharing information.

It is about the follow-through, and Jason sees coaching as something that is done continuously. 

Ultimately it is about aligning the team and having them take the unified actions that will advance the company forward.

The Right Software for the Job

Shortly after Jason attended that conference, he started using Service Autopilot.

Even in those early days, Jason attributes his rapid growth to using the right software in his business.

Even with just a few employees, Service Autopilot allowed Brassfield Landscaping to operate more efficiently and take on more clients. 

Work/Life Balance

Jason recommends finding some balance between work and life.

As a Biggest Badass Winner, Jason took his winning and was able to visit several countries and take a vacation.

This allowed him to get away from the business and see how things operated when he wasn’t there.

He actually learned this from Academy and made sure to leave a checklist behind for both his office and field staff.

The checklist shows the team members and the business owner a chance to see where the bottlenecks are and provides direction where improvements can be made.

Learn More

Want to learn more about Jason and Brassfield Landscaping? Be sure to visit their website or give them a call at 405-550-2070.

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