Improve Customer Experience With 5 Electrical Business Ideas

The best electrical business ideas have the power to create happy customers that rave about your services and pay premium prices.

In addition, happy customers develop a win-win scenario for everyone:

  • Profits are instantly maximized
  • The whole team takes pride in their work
  • Word-of-mouth advertising rapidly spreads
  • Customers are thrilled with their excellent customer service
  • Electricians are happy with their rewarding job and competitive wage

Providing an outstanding customer experience doesn’t happen overnight. Even though creating a great customer experience takes work, it’s an investment that will pay off immediately!

 In this article, we’ll uncover the top 5 next-level electrical business ideas that will instantly boost your customer experience:

  • Identify and address customer pain points
  • Create a customer forum to gain further insight
  • Use social media to boost your brand
  • Question your customer service pros
  • Invest in service software to enhance customer experience

 What Is the “Customer Experience?”

Before we dive into the top 5 electrical business ideas that’ll rapidly level up your customer experience, let’s first define the customer experience.

Customer experience (CX) is defined as the relationship between a business and its customers. It encompasses all business/customer interactions from a first email to a follow up call after a purchase. 

Why do businesses want the customer experience to be memorable? So they’ll tell all their friends about your exceptional electrical services!

Conversely, a bad customer experience can really hurt your business. In fact, a recent study showed 86% of consumers will jump ship after just 2 poor experiences. 

1. Identify and Address Critical Customer Pain Points

To tailor your customer experience, you first need to figure out the common problems your customers are facing. There are several ways to identify these pain points:

  • Send a satisfaction survey to customers immediately following service, such as:
    • “What could we have done better?”
    • What did you love most about your experience?
    • “How likely are you to recommend us to your friends and family?”
  • Regularly meet with existing customers to ask how their business is doing to determine what you can do to help them. This will give you further insight into their pain points
  • Run a social media survey with just a few questions to get more of a broad look at industry pain points. 

Remember, the better the customer experience, the more faithful customers you’ll have. As a result, you’ll get repeat business!


2. Create a Customer Forum

While social media leads the way in customer-to-customer platforms there are still many people communicating on business forums. Creating a forum or community for customers to engage with each other and your business is another way to improve the customer experience. 

Like surveys, this platform offers another way to discover common problems customers face. In turn, this insight generates electrical business ideas that can solve these issues.  This is a unique way to discover common issues that aren’t always visible through the normal mechanisms of customer support and service.

Keep in mind, you’ll need someone to monitor the forum when posts need to be edited or removed.

3. Step Up Your Social Media Game

Do you have a social media person dedicated to building your brand on all of the major platforms? Alternatively, maybe you have a part-time employee, freelancer, or intern handling these duties? 

A typical social media user spends 2.5 hours a day on social media. Plus, 9 in 10 people on the internet use social media. As a result, social media is an integral part in securing long-term success for your electrical business.

First, decide what platforms you want to showcase your brand. To spark the best electrical business ideas, explore which platforms and strategies are most successful for the competition. A Facebook business page is a great place to start.

Remember to create posts relevant to your customers. Social media is dynamic and constantly changing. In other words, you have to be fluid and routinely improv until you hit that sweet spot. The goal is to strike the perfect balance between sales and value-driven content posts. 

Which means, regularly tracking social media metrics will tell you which posts your customers interact with most. Soon you’ll know what works best for your electrical business! 

Here are some examples of relevant posts your clients care about:

  • Giveaways
  • Electrical maintenance tips
  • Blogs (if applicable)
  • Company volunteer work
  • Deals and exclusive offers
  • Great reviews or testimonials
  • Company news, events, or milestones
  • Before and after pictures of your best work
  • Client referrals program and incentives
  • Anywhere you’re featured (news, websites, awards, etc.)
  • Introduce new electrical employees, anniversaries, or employee achievements

4. Talk to Your Customer Service Pros

When it comes to customer complaints/issues, there’s no better way to improve the customer experience than to communicate with your team.

By periodically meeting with your CSR’s (customer service representatives), you can discover frequent types of calls they receive at different times of the week or month. Then, tailor your customer experience strategy around these discussions. 


5. Invest in Software to Improve Customer Experience

Top-shelf electrical service software is a game-changer in improving the customer experience. 

Less than 1 in 4 brands have the necessary technology to engage with consumers consistently across all channels.

Let’s review some Fieldedge features that will set you up for a better customer experience:

Capture Calls and Track Client Interactions

Find out what gets said on the phone to your clients by capturing each call. 

Electrical service software helps capture calls, digitize, and archive them for management to review. This way, you can start to identify the common customer satisfaction barriers needing adjustment.

You can also identify your top performers, as well as those who might need a little coaching.

Automated Notifications and Personalized Reminders

Your HVAC software can handle the scheduling and distribution of customer touchpoints. No need to worry about when and where to contact your customers!

Also, automated client notifications and personalized reminders will help drive growth in your bottom line.

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Plus, when you choose the right electrical software, it will help automate requests for reviews from clients after successful field tech visits. As a result, you’ll see an increase in your review count – without requiring a member of your staff to reach out to each client after every completed job.

FieldEdge With the Sales Assist

The best electrical service software helps your field techs to secure additional sales easily with multi-option quoting. Now, your techs can give customers different service options based on price point and level of service.

Sometimes, serving your customer best is as simple as providing options. This helps clients feel in control of their repair journey. Also, it decreases the stress your tech will feel when it comes time to agree on the services and costs before the job begins.

HVAC service software provides your techs powerful tools to present good, better, and best options when quoting a client on possible work. Use FieldEdge to increase customer satisfaction and maximize overall revenue.

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Ramp Up Your Customer Experience With These 5 Electrical Business Ideas

With these expert electrical business ideas, you can instantly boost the customer experience and grow your business.

Use these top electrical business ideas to:

  • Gather customer pain points
  • Get additional insight with a customer forum
  • Boost your brand with a solid social media presence
  • Discover top customer insight from your team
  • Invest in service software to quickly level-up your customer experience

Finally, you can ramp up your customer experience today using these top electrical business ideas!

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