Do You Have the Right Electrical Contractor Software?

When it comes to electrical contractor software, it’s essential your software solution has a high performance to streamline daily tasks. While you’re juggling everyday operations, keeping jobs on schedule, and putting out fires, you need an electrical contractor software to make your life easier and more organized.

Are you still using clunky, outdated software that struggles to keep up with your growing business? It’s time for an UPGRADE! With all the features built into top shelf software, many of your daily tasks can be streamlined resulting in more efficient, happier employees and satisfied customers.

In this post, we’ll cover all the features of a robust electrical contractor software that will turn your chaos into order:

  • Mobile CRM connecting employees and customers
  • Improved scheduling with smart dispatching board
  • Quickbooks integration streamlines accounting 
  • Price presentation puts customers at ease
  • Additional features

Many small businesses fail to keep up with the electrical contractor software innovations that are available to today’s electrical companies. Not long ago, everything was done with a pen and paper. In fact, some companies still use them! However, there’s a better way. By the time you finish reading this post, you will want all of these bells and whistles for your business. 

A Mobile CRM Connects the Office, Field and Customers

A Mobile CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform is a very important tool in an electrician’s toolbox. The best CRM tracks all interactions between a business and current or future customers. 

Then, this data can be used to better manage the customer experience by reducing costs and increasing profits through customer loyalty. 

The best mobile CRMs have ability to:

  • Alert customers that the electrician is en route by text, email or voicemail.
  • Help measure sales and marketing efforts to track revenue and ROI.
  • Show notes, customer and equipment history on each work order.

All of these electrical contractor software features improve your team’s work experience and expedite processes! As a result, there’s no more calling the office for updated information or searching for past job history. Identify your customer’s information with just a quick glance at a phone or tablet.


Save Time and Money With a Smart Dispatching Board

Scheduling and dispatching go hand in hand together in the daily operations of an electrical contractor business. If your dispatch software isn’t up to par, it likely means time and money are lost. It also can result in unhappy customers. Remember, dissatisfied customers tell their friends and family—resulting in a negative reputation.

However, with a smart dispatch board, your business will run smoothly and efficiently. 

The officer manager or dispatcher has a complete handle on scheduling and operations. A smart dispatch board gives your office staff a high-level view of all work orders in the queue: assigned, unassigned and completed. 

Office managers can alter schedules, create work orders and communicate with electricians in real time. This eliminates leaving voicemails, whiteboards and spreadsheets. 

Electricians can see every customer or job detail on a mobile device, whether it’s a phone or tablet. They’ll see the exact job information the officer manager shares via scheduling and dispatching tools—eliminating the need to call the office to verify addresses, customer names or work order history. With a smart dispatching software, job information is front and center on their tablet or phone.

Customers also benefit from this tool. Though they never see dispatch boards or schedules, electricians are more likely to arrive on time because they have instant access to background information and job history. As a result, this electrical contractor software feature enables your electricians to give an exceptional customer experience

When you use a smart dispatch board, everyone on your team wins. The prize is a more efficient use of time and happier customers. Plus, the best electrical contractor software pays for itself!

Does Your Electrical Contractor Software Have QuickBooks Integration?

A live QuickBooks integration is a must for electrical service software. With over 80% of small companies using QuickBooks, it’s likely your business is also using this powerful software. 

You want software that syncs effortlessly with QuickBooks so that all your financials are up to date and easily accessible. A two-way sync is best, so your data will be accurately reflected in both QuickBooks and your electrical software, regardless of where you entered the information.

How can a QuickBooks integration help your electrical business? 

  • Save multiple hours a week on data entry as every transaction flows right into QuickBooks – no more reconciling your books at the end of the day.
  • With two-way sync, mistakes can be fixed in one place – no more correcting data in multiple software tools.
  • Track your inventory from the warehouse to the work order.
  • Avoid timely “batching” with live integration that updates QuickBooks the second you send an invoice.

QuickBooks integration saves your electrical business a ton of time and allows your techs and office manager to work smarter, not harder.


Price Presentation Benefits Electricians AND Customers

Most electricians are not natural salesmen. Though, just like most field service pros, selling has become part of the job. Digital price books provide an easy way for electricians to set the customer at ease by offering them pricing options. It also allows them the opportunity to sell additional equipment and services. 

Here are some of the price presentation features to keep in mind:

  • Good, better, best options put the focus on the customer and create a better customer experience.
  • Screens show additional items for the electrician to suggest. These price books are easy to update and change. 
  • Show the customer the products right on your phone or tablet. You can customize the product offerings and your markups. 
  • Upselling is simple by suggesting the right items to bundle at the right time. 

Additional Features the Best Electrical Contractor Software Offers

There are several other features to look for in an electrical contractor software. 

Customer Management: Review all work performed as well as any equipment a customer has installed. Store and show images to customers to illustrate current issues.

Service Agreements: Know when service agreements are due for renewal, billing and scheduling. Office staff can set up reminders and invoices automatically, saving hours each week.

Quotes and Invoices: Reduce unpaid invoices and get paid faster by taking payments on the job or sending an invoice with a few taps or clicks. 

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Energize Your Business and Employees With the #1 Electrical Contractor Software Today

Upgrading to the #1 electrical contractor software is the right move for your business and will save you time and money. Implementing software like FieldEdge is a game-changer for streamlining your day-to-day processes. Here are several takeaways:

  • A strong CRM connects employees and customers—completely streamlining your daily business operations. When everyone is on the same page and can make updates in the field and office, it’s pure efficiency. 
  • Improving your dispatching saves endless hours of time, lucrative resources and effort.
  • QuickBooks integration is an integral daily aspect of business accounting tasks.
  • Price presentation features simultaneously increase sales and upselling.

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