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4 Ways Software Can Increase Field Service Customer Satisfaction

Businesses should always strive to improve customer experience. There are many benefits to serving satisfied clients: higher staff morale, a good reputation and ultimately, more revenue. But it may seem challenging to keep customers as happy as possible. Especially if you only see them once or twice each year! A service management software can play a key role in increasing field service customer satisfaction.

Evaluating Current Field Service Customer Satisfaction

Look at current feedback and satisfaction levels before turning to field service software. This will allow you to identify any weak points that software could help solve. Here are a few ways to evaluate customer loyalty and happiness:

  • Talk to your techsTechnicians are your boots on the ground and frequently interact with customers. Have techs ask them for feedback after a job. An online survey may help clients feel comfortable in giving honest answers.

    Also ask techs if there are any issues they regularly face while on the job. Some challenges may cause extra time in the field, which can affect customer experience.

  • Check online reviews – Your online reputation paints a picture of how your company is viewed. Reviews give customers the opportunity to share unfiltered feedback about your company.

    Read reviews to identify any issues or areas of improvement. Additionally, make sure that you are responding to online reviews, whether good or bad. Thoughtful review responses can make a lasting impact on prospects. After all, 93% of consumers say reviews influence their buying decisions!

  • Review reporting – Check your customer data and invoicing system. Do you have loyal clients who use your services year after year? Or do you typically work with one-time customers?

    Depending on your industry and agreement approach, too many one-time clients could be a negative sign. If you offer ongoing services and agreements, fewer regulars could signal that customers are not satisfied.

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4 Ways to Improve Your Customer Experience with Service Software

You’ve evaluated the current level of satisfaction – now what? A field service software may be leveraged to solve any challenges you’ve found. Plus it can improve client service as a whole! Here are 4 key ways that a field management software can help improve customer experience:

1. Share clear and consistent communications

Customers want to know what to expect. Sending clear communications and setting expectations can help keep a relationship positive.

Some field service software send automated messages to your customer to keep them updated. You may set up notifications to confirm an appointment, share when a technician is on the way, or remind when an invoice is due. Software may also integrate with an email marketing platform. This integration allows for regular and consistent customer communications.

2. Create a personal touch

Customer service has evolved with technology and can seem impersonal. Your customers appreciate any thoughtful touches you provide. Some field management software have integrations that help personalize outreach. Monthly resources sent from an email marketing tool or automated gifts from a third-party service can show customers that you care!

Additionally, your technicians can use a field service app to see review work order history while on a job. This data shows what work has been done in the past for that specific customer. Some software also include a notes field for gate codes, customer preferences, and more. These fields provide extensive background information for technicians, allowing them to provide tailored service.

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3. Optimize your service agreement process

Service agreements can help ensure that you receive recurring business. Plus, they make life easier for customers. Agreements are often more cost-effective and should require less effort for a customer.

However, in order to be successful, agreements must be easily understood and on time. A field service software can help manage service agreements. Software can track when agreements are due for renewal and schedule automatic service reminders.

Some field management apps also take payments for service onsite. This makes agreement invoicing quick and easy for clients. If you automate service agreements with software, customers and office staff have less to juggle.

4. Streamline tasks while on the job

A good field management software helps techs on the job, resulting in better service for customers. Software can save time by instantly syncing between the office and field, so techs are never left waiting for information from the office.

A field service app can store job history and documents for techs to reference at any time. Plus, some apps prompt techs to input job status updates, sending notes instantly to the office dispatcher. This allows office staff to know how a job is progressing – no calls or texts needed. With these features, your field staff can keep their focus and attention on the customer’s unique needs.

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