4 Ways Techs Can Increase Revenue With A Field Service App

One of the best tools that helps with day-to-day operations, site jobs, sales and more is a mobile field service app.

Think of it this way: service technicians are the face of your business. They are sales people, customer service representatives and skilled technicians – all in one! Since they wear many hats, equipping techs with tools that make them as efficient as possible can greatly benefit your business.

In this article, we’ll discuss:

  • What a field service app does
  • The differences between desktop and mobile app versions
  • The top four ways the best field service app increases your revenue

What Is a Mobile Field Service App?

Consider a mobile field service app to be a compact version of the full suite of tools available to your business. A streamlined, focused set of tools that anyone in your business can carry with them to complete various onsite tasks, like:

The true strength in having both desktop and mobile app versions of cloud-based field management software? It gives all employees a full picture of what is happening at any time in the business. Since the information lives in the cloud and not on a single device, this means everything is updated in real-time.

This allows each member of your team, no matter their location, the confidence that the information they’re seeing is up to date.

How Desktop and Mobile Field Service App Versions Differ

While it may depend on which field service software you use, there are certain common characteristics of each application type.

The in-office (or desktop) version of the software is often more robust. It’s used by office staff to help with day-to-day operations like dispatching, reporting and accounting.

The mobile version of the field service app is geared specifically toward techs in the field with features that help them while on the job. Many of these apps allow field service technicians to receive job assignments, update job statuses in real time, add to customer notes and much more.

How a Mobile Field Service App Will Increase Your Revenue

1. Save Time

Time is money.

Overwhelmingly, the time saved when using a field service mobile app is well worth the investment. For example, if each service technician saves just five hours per week by using an app, they can fit in one additional job.

If a company has five techs and each service fee is $250, that is instantly $1,250 more each week. That’s $5,000 in additional revenue each month!

But how do techs save hours each week when using an app versus pen and paper or older software?

Since many field service apps automatically sync with the cloud-based office software, techs will spend less time on the phone updating the office on their whereabouts or status.

Software that syncs between mobile and desktop also allows for the office to assign jobs to techs while they are in the field. Then techs can instantly see customer and work-order history for that newly-assigned job.

Because an app can function as a CRM and allows users to attach documents from past jobs, it is a one-stop resource for background information. No more digging up paper notes from months ago or having to log into a specific computer to find a document.

2. Process Payments Instantly

Nobody likes chasing down past-due or lost invoices. It wastes time, and hurts your bottom line.

Some field management mobile apps take payments onsite, making invoicing a breeze. Even if you don’t take payments on the job, some apps allow for easy invoicing before or after a service appointment with an online bill.

With electronic invoicing, you can drastically reduce time spent completing paperwork and chasing invoices. Plus, your techs and office staff will benefit from it.

3. Easier Upselling

It can be challenging to upsell while on the job without the right resources. If your service app has a price book or similar feature, it’s easy to present good, better and best options to customers – right from a phone or tablet.

A price book feature means no more scrambling to create the right bundle for a customer while on the job. Plus, no more attempts to describe the “best” value option to a customer with no visuals or numbers.

With a mobile field service app, all you need is a mobile device to present available service and equipment bundling options.

4. Help Nurture Relationships

Remember, the key to growing a small business is relationships.

Earning the trust of customers and delivering top notch service will take a business to the next level. That’s why work order history is available in many field service apps.

This feature allows techs to quickly identify pain points in customer’s equipment and have a rundown of exactly which services were performed last time.

In addition to job history, some field service apps have a feature that allows techs to save notes about customers within each customer profile.

This feature allows techs to personalize a customer’s experience by adding and managing customer information onsite. That information can go a long way in the customer experience since every tech can have access to important information and customer preferences. For example, adding a customer request for techs to enter a property through a back gate.

After all, when somebody feels heard and appreciated by your company, they are more likely to become a loyal repeat customer.

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The Best Field Service App Can Jumpstart Your Business Growth

The best field service app has the ability to increase your revenue by assisting with:

  • Time tracking
  • Price presentations
  • Transaction processing
  • Customer outreach automation
  • Communication between office and field

These key features have the power to save your techs and office staff several hours of work per week. Plus, by streamlining these features, you’ll be able to keep your team happier.

Use this information to choose the best field service app for your business to begin jumpstarting your business growth now!

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