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How Software and App Integrations Work

If you own or work at a small business, you know that a lot of effort goes into running a company. Luckily there are many different tools and software that help with business operations. However, when choosing programs and software, you want to avoid storing business information in several different places with no syncing. This requires you to manually export, import and update data on a regular basis across apps and tools. You can avoid this extra effort with software app integrations.

What is a Software Integration?

When there are two integrated software solutions, their systems are compatible and can be linked to each other. This allows for systems to “talk” to one another and work in unison.

Many integrations allow for data sharing between software, so the user can see data or open files across different applications that are linked. No need for manually importing data from another application or program – integrations allow data sharing with no effort from you.

Why Software App Integrations?

When it comes down to it, no software can do every single thing a business needs. Plus, the needs of users and companies vary. The option to integrate multiple apps allows users to create the experience that will help them and their business the most.

Once you identify a software that will help your business, be sure to ask about third-party software integrations. What tools can work in tandem with your software to help make your day-to-day operations easier?

FieldEdge Integrations

From accounting to customer review management, there are many partners that can further enhance your FieldEdge experience. These app integrations assist with specific areas of your business while pulling additional data into FieldEdge, giving you more visibility into your business.

FieldEdge has more than 25 partners, including integrated software applications, service providers, distributors and more. To see the partners we work with, please reference our marketplace and download the two-pager below to learn more about specific FieldEdge integrations.

FE Integrations Overview

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