Advertising Your Service Business: Angie’s List vs HomeAdvisor

When it comes time to advertise your service business, you might be wondering which is better: Angie’s List vs HomeAdvisor. We’ve gathered some key similarities and differences to help you decide where to dedicate your budget.

These two have a few key differences that might influence where you decide to advertise your service business.

This article provides:

  • The customer perception of each site
  • An overview of each platform from a service business perspective
  • Findings about pluses and minuses for each platform

As a service business, you know just how important it is for your company to be found online. It’s imperative you know where your customers and potential customers are searching for businesses like yours.

A few key places include Yelp, Facebook and a Google Business profile among others. Two platforms many service businesses consider including on that list are Angie’s list (now Angi) and HomeAdvisor.

These two platforms have the potential to create fresh business connections, but each platform has its cons.

Angie’s List (Now Angi)

Angie’s List (now Angi) previously operated on a subscription service for both the businesses who would create listings on the platform, as well as the customers seeking businesses.

Angi carries a name recognition that’s second to none. Many consider this platform to be among the original in this space, leading to an increase in trust with brands associated with this site.

This led to creating the Angi Certified screening process for service businesses. This badge affords service businesses a quick reference checkpoint for customers to gauge a business’ trustworthiness and credentials.

However, since both parties needed to pay to gain access to the platform, the availability of interested customers leading to booking jobs became considerably lower than comparable listing sites over time. As a result, many businesses ultimately opted not to pay for a listing.

However, when Angie’s List rebranded as Angi, the business model somewhat shifted. Now, customers access the listings on Angi for free, while service businesses still pay to be listed. Also, there’s a subscription service available to customers who wish to access discounts on home services for an annual fee.

Customer reviews of this site appear polarized. In fact, one review site, TrustPilot, shows a nearly perfect split between five star and one star reviews.

Some customers have complained about communication being artificially stifled even after paying a service business. This type of environment creates a heated relationship between the customer and business, which may require a member of Angi to clarify or resolve.


In 2017, HomeAdvisor and Angie’s List merged into Angi. However, HomeAdvisor still operates as its own site that’s powered by Angi.

HomeAdvisor’s key differentiator is the proprietary True Cost guide. A feature that collects and presents an average cost of completed works similar to the one proposed. This is useful for customers and service businesses looking to streamline the pitch and bid process for new customers.

Since the TrueCost is built around previously completed work, averaged out, this gives a snapshot of costs and prices across the industry. In a sense, it evens out the discrepancy between businesses offering similar services. This information can be useful for a service business wondering if its prices are competitive.

HomeAdvisor is also free to homeowners seeking services, which once was a big plus for the platform. However, now Angi is free to homeowners as well.

Use the Best Field Service Software

Once your service business has chosen the platform that works best with your goals, you may welcome a few new customers.

At this point, consider incorporating the best cloud-based field service management software to help streamline your operations.

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  • Automated outreach and marketing messages
  • Billing and invoicing with payment processing onsite
  • Mobile CRM with anywhere accessibility to robust customer profiles

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Angie’s List vs HomeAdvisor: The Choice Is Yours

Since Angie’s List and HomeAdvisor are now owned by the same parent company, Angi, the two platforms are very similar. Ultimately this is good news for service businesses attempting to decide between Angie’s List vs HomeAdvisor.

As you decide which platform to focus on, it’s important to weigh your business needs as well as where your customers mostly visit. Even though both platforms are similar, their small defining features will help you determine which is best for your field service business.

Use what you’ve discovered in this article to choose the best platform for your business now!

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