Apps that HVAC Technicians Need

HVAC technicians need access to quick and accurate information. In this case, your mobile phone becomes your best companion. However, you need to make sure you have the right applications to answer and solve problems that arise.   

With the rise of mobile technology, there’s an app for almost everything out there. Therefore, to help make this easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best HVAC apps you need as a technician.   

Industry Specific

1. HVAC Check & Charge (Free) | Google Play / App Store

The HVAC Check & Charge mobile app provides an on-site refrigerant charge calculator for air conditioning applications. The app allows contractors to easily calculate the correct system refrigerant charge for R-410A, R-407C, R-32, R-134a, R-452B, R-454B, R-438A, and more. In addition, contractors can choose Subcooling, Superheat, or Airflow and enter the specified system temperatures along with the latent environmental loads.  

2. Bluon HVAC (Free) | Google Play / App Store

Bluon HVAC is your go-to app for your HVAC needs. The app includes 17,000+ HVAC-R systems in North America, including details on R-22 replacements. It contains a replacement toolbox, which gives access to subcool and superheat calculators, a nitrogen pressure test tool, an airflow calculator, a pressure set point tool, and a diagnostic wizard. In addition, there are in-app guides and videos that walk you through R-22 replacement. The app also includes best practice guides for standard HVAC procedures as well.

3. HVAC Buddy ($9.99) | Google Play / App Store

HVAC Buddy aims to make your job easier with refrigerant charging and diagnostics. With the app, you can enter refrigerants, temps, and pressures, and get results based on Superheat, Subcooling, Airflow Target, Actual, and Difference metrics. More features include flexible units, such as psi, kPa, Fahrenheit, Celsius, etc., and system status reports.   

4. MeasureQuick HVAC (Free) | Google Play / App Store

MeasureQuick allows you to measure and diagnose system problems from the most minor to the most major. With cloud storage and retrieval, job information, equipment specs, or system information, data can be stored and viewed. As a result, you can be sure that the inspection process has been completed accurately.   

5. HVAC School (Free) | Google Play / App Store

HVAC technicians can forget a lot of technical information along the way. That’s where the HVAC School app comes in handy. With the app, you have access to articles written by industry professionals, episodes of the HVAC School podcast, and premier knowledge within the HVAC industry.   

6. Complete HVAC Dictionary (Free) | Google Play

Complete HVAC Dictionary is your go-to reference guide for HVAC subject areas. The app includes 3000+ terms with detailed descriptions for every HVAC topic.   

7. HVAC Duct Calculator (Free) | Google Play

HVAC Duct Calculator is a handy app for duct sizing and pressure drop calculations, which is useful for rectangular and round duct sizes. It allows you to select the unit of parameters in any combination.   

8. Refrigerant Slider (Free) | Google Play / App Store

Refrigerant Slider is a fundamental tool for HVAC technicians that helps you calculate the pressure-to-temperature ratio for 80+ refrigerants, including natural refrigerants. It provides you with information about each refrigerant and allows you to switch between IPCC AR4 and AR5 values. Also, the app includes a Low-GWP tool, which helps you find climate-friendly refrigerants for system retrofits with TXV compatibility.   

Communication and Productivity

Evernote (Free) | Google Play / App Store

You don’t only take notes for yourself. You also take them for your business. Evernote can sync your notes across multiple devices and allow for easy sharing between employees. Also, there are different features such as templates, document scanning, pdf and doc search, and integrations that will you to find and import information easier.   


Dropbox (Free) | Google Play / App Store

If you aren’t backing up your data, you’re making a huge mistake. In times of trouble, you should ensure that your important files and documents are safe and secure in cloud storage. Dropbox allows you to easily backup all important data for safekeeping. Also, you can access these documents from any device.   

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