Benefits of FieldEdge’s Dispatch Board Software

Without the right technology, making the right scheduling and dispatching decisions requires time and resources. It is difficult keeping up with technicians and the jobs they are working on. A more difficult task is knowing exactly where your techs are during the day. That’s why FieldEdge created a simple, yet effective solution with a smart scheduling and dispatching board.

How is FieldEdge Dispatch Board Software Different?

Many service management software providers boast a smart scheduling and dispatch board. However, no one knows dispatch boards better than FieldEdge – it built the first one in the industry over 20 years ago. Every tech’s status is updated in real-time so you know when techs are idle, traveling, working, late or finished. FieldEdge reduces the need for multiple visits through customer work histories, asset tracking and job documentation at the technician’s fingertips. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, FieldEdge’s software makes scheduling and dispatching easy. This creates a more efficient way to assign tasks and schedule field service technicians. You assign the right tech to the right job every single time.

Is FieldEdge for You?

Many owners will say to themselves, “[FieldEdge] is only for larger businesses”. FieldEdge’s service dispatch board works not only for larger businesses, but also for newer businesses with only 1-2 technicians in the field. FieldEdge grows with your company. As your business begins to grow and transform, your customers will notice changes along the way. Another advantage of FieldEdge is giving your customers peace of mind with live updates. The software can automatically send a text, call, and/or email when the technician is on the way and when the job has been completed. Growing a business starts with the first impression.

Satisfy Your Customers

  • Never forget a customer’s name or the last conversation you had thanks to a seamless phone integration.
  • Caller information auto-populates in the system, helping you focus on the customer and not just their information.
  • Provide great customer experience every time by pulling up the customer’s full account details with a single click.
  • Give your customers the updates they want by automatically sending a text, call and email when the technician is on the way.

Less Hassle, More Control

Dispatch and service scheduling software enables home service businesses to better manage their active technicians and resources as new jobs come in. FieldEdge’s technician scheduling software provides these service companies with a dynamic view of their team’s upcoming jobs and drag-and-drop interface when it comes to making modifications, labeling jobs, solving conflicts, and more.

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