Facebook Ads: Why Your Service Business Needs To Use Them

If you’re paying for social ads, you want them to be seen by the right target audience. To ensure that you’re serving your target audience these ads, you have to understand your consumer and where they fit in the world of social media. Think of it this way: the likelihood that your consumers are on Twitter or Instagram searching for furnaces or plumber recommendations is probably slim. Instead, these users are likely on Facebook.

So, for service businesses in particular, we recommend the majority of your paid social budget go to Facebook ads. Not only are your consumers more active on the site, but Facebook ads have unique assets that help you identify who sees your ad. Facebook claims that they are 89% accurate when it comes to targeted campaigns because businesses are able to target consumers based on location, demographics, interests, and behaviors. Why is this important for service businesses? You have the ability to target various towns and zip codes, as well as users whose online habits reflect characteristics of your desired consumer base.

Additionally, Facebook ads are recognized for their ability to drive traffic to your site or Facebook page. As a result, consumers will be seeing your ads and engaging with your business.

Let’s look at the top ads that service businesses need in order to remain competitive in the industry.

Page Like Ads

These ad types display on all placements and feature call-to-action buttons that drive the right audience to your Like Your Page. Getting consumers onto your page is the first step to acquiring their business, so don’t underestimate the power of this ad.

Engagement Ads

These ads should be served to existing customers to ensure that they remain engaged. Showcase a new product you’re using, or a new tactic that will make them want to work with you again.

Local Awareness Ads

When people are looking for a service business, they’re looking for one close to them. Let people in your community or those nearby know that you’re available and ready to help using local awareness ads. You can even use “Call Now” or “Send Message” Call-To-Action buttons so that your consumers can contact you immediately.

Boosted Posts

Business content is showing up less frequently on Facebook due to recent policy changes. When it does show up, users have to scroll pretty far down to see the ad. Boosted ads are a solution because they give you the option to make ads more visible to your target consumers.

No doubt, there are a lot of service businesses out there. It is important for your business to maintain a consistent presence on social media to remain competitive. For service businesses, this means investing more time and money into Facebook ads than other platforms. Take advantage of the precise targeting techniques of Facebook to ensure that your business is always top of mind.

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