What is Consumer Financing?

Have you ever had trouble closing a sale due to a customer not being able to afford a project? Customers are not always ready to invest money into their home improvements, and these investments might seem too far out of reach. This is when consumer financing comes into play.

In this post we’ll cover:

  • Finance integration with GreenSky
  • Getting instant approval
  • Boosting your business

Consumer financing provides customers with the option to use a payment plan in order to pay for a high-ticket service or product. Typically these payment plans require a customer to submit a lengthy application to a 3rd party and wait to be approved before they can receive any services. 

Until recently, the idea of consumer financing seemed like an unlikely option for contractors.

Finance Integration with GreenSky for the Win! 

FieldEdge software is integrated with GreenSky, a technology company that offers consumer financing options.

This integration enables consumer financing options for home improvement services. Homeowners can choose from a variety of payment plans and can be approved for financing in a matter of seconds. 

The entire process is fast and secure. This helps you appeal to a wider customer base and gives them the flexibility of consumer financing. Homeowners get the home upgrades they need, and contractors’ revenues grow. It’s a win-win situation for all. 

You can learn more about implementing consumer financing in your business here.

Get Approval in Seconds with GreenSky!

GreenSky connects consumers with federally-insured, federal and state-chartered banks that issue loans and offers financial packages to help contractors provide quality services to homeowners. 

With expertise and plans specifically for the home improvement sector, GreenSky is the smart choice for contractors with thousands of contractors and over two million consumers trusting GreenSky. 

With the GreenSky integration you can grow your business, shorten the sales process and increase customer satisfaction too. Best of all, this new integration is completely paperless.

In addition to GreenSky, Optimus is a home service financing tool that FieldEdge uses as well that helps link up members with the financing best partner, including GreenSky. 

Boost Your Business with GreenSky!

This new integration will give you the tools and resources you need to boost your business. Therefore, you’ll be able to offer services for bigger projects and higher-quality work, for a variety of customers

Homeowners will feel assured because of GreenSky’s financial transparency and simple application process. Look out for FieldEdge’s GreenSky integration and take your business to the next level.

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