Our Top Ten Favorite Blog Posts from 2022

It’s that time of year again! As the holiday season ramps up and 2022 comes to a close, we’d like to take a moment and share our reader’s 10 favorite field service management blog posts from this past year. 

Some are industry specific, some are great for any service pro – all have great information to help grow your business. Plus, you’ll get a few tips to help prepare your business for a successful 2023!

New 2023 residential Efficiency Standards: What HVAC Companies Should Know

This blog post presented the information that all HVAC companies need starting in 2023. The SEER rating and testing requirements are changing and we wanted to keep our HVAC customers on top of their game entering the new year! 

The requirements are broken down by state and there are other helpful links you won’t want to miss. 

List of 2022 HVAC Trade Shows

Trade shows are a great way to keep up on the latest technology, network with other HVAC professionals and see the latest tools and equipment. This blog is always popular, as we compile a yearly list of all the top shows. The 2023 list can be found here and is updated quarterly!  

How to Start an HVAC Business in 11 Steps

Starting any business is a huge challenge. This blog post lists all the steps you need to follow before turning that first wrench. It describes how to write a business plan, steps to register your business, and the licenses and certifications you will need among other important tasks. 

Mechanical vs Electronic Door Locks

Security is another field that is going digital, and door locks are no exception. This blog does a great job of describing the perks and drawbacks of traditional mechanical door locks and electronic door locks. It also highlights the recent rise of smart door locks.

Central Air Humidifier: Types, Advantages and Benefits

This blog discusses the downside to the heating season: uncomfortable, dry air. To alleviate this problem, central air humidifiers are the perfect solution. 

This post explains the types of central air humidifiers as well as their advantages, benefits and cost, so you can help your HVAC customers make the right choice for them. 

The Importance of a Security Budget

Setting time aside for security budget planning is critical for service businesses. This blog concentrates on protecting sensitive company, employee and customer data, which can result in monetary loss. Whether it’s physical security (break ins, accidents) or the growing cybersecurity risks, there are many reasons for security budget planning. 

Performance Pay: Sales Spiff vs Commission

This blog resonates with service professionals trying to boost sales through performance pay. 

What is performance pay? In short, it’s a form of salary, wage, or bonus that is paid to employees based on performance. We compare and contrast spiff short term bonuses with longer term commissions to explain this sometimes confusing topic. 

Top Plumbing Trade Shows to Attend in 2023

Like the HVAC trade show post, trade show lists are popular for all the trades. This blog covers late announcements in 2022 and future 2023 shows. It highlights information on keynote speakers, venues, and opportunities to learn and stay abreast with current plumbing standards and technology.

Flat Rate Pricing: Calculation and Pricing Formula

An incredibly useful blog post that shows the benefits of implementing a flat rate pricing structure that both contractors and customers may favor. Included is a breakdown of the flat rate pricing formula and an example to guide contractors just starting out with flat rate pricing. 

Increase Plumbing Sales in 9 Steps

This blog gives step-by-step instructions to boost plumbing sales, including presentation secrets, strategies and software to improve your plumber’s selling skills. This post walks a plumber through the entire selling process from first impression to follow up, with plenty of tips along the way. 

Bonus: Your Favorite 2022 Free Field Service Resources

In addition to blog posts, we created quite a few downloadable resources this year. Let’s review a few of them!

HVAC Hiring Packet

This comprehensive hiring guide can help you land talented, bright HVAC employees that help you grow your business. This guide helps you write dynamic job descriptions using custom templates. There’s also a ton of great tips in the hiring guide that’s included!

HVAC Flat Rate Pricing Calculator

A great companion tool to the flat rate pricing blog. This calculator will help you adjust your HVAC flat rate pricing for your entire business. Start 2023 with a clear view on profitability.

Plumbing Facebook Hiring Guide

Hiring talented plumbers is a skillset all its own. It can be difficult as a business owner or leader to know where to look, or where to advertise. This hiring guide will help you create hiring ads and customize your posts. Then, you can share on your business Facebook page or launch a Facebook ad campaign to get the best candidates. 

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