COVID-19 Topics and Resources for Small Businesses

COVID-19 continues to evolve and change our environment and way of life. As we prepare to experience the second wave in cases, here are some essential COVID-19 topics and resources to keep you updated. 


HVAC technicians and engineers have a duty to keep people productive, healthy, and comfortable. Below are some great articles for HVAC safety. 

Contracting Business | COVID-19 and HVAC:

Contracting Business | Managing Service Calls:

Local News Article (NY) | Uptick in Calls Due to Coronavirus Concerns:

Lexology | COVID-19 Best Practices:

Businesses and Employees Returning to Work

Do you have questions or concerns about returning to work? Below are some articles that can answer your questions and help you prepare for going back to work. 

CDC Interim Guidance:

Los Angeles Times | Returning to Work:

Facility Executive | The New Office:

Good Housekeeping | Resuming Work During Covid-19:

Redefining the Workplace

COVID-19 has and is changing our workplace environment. Learn the different changes that will be coming to your workplace or office. 

Mashable | How Tech Will Redefine the Workplace:

Forbes | Obvious Workplace Changes:

World Economic Forum | Thriving in the Post COVID-19 Workplace:

The Future of Work

How will COVID-19 change the overall landscape of work as a whole? Here are some articles that discuss how COVID will change our future of work. 

Forbes | COVID-19 & The Future of Work:

Business 2 Community | Future of Work Post COVID-19:

FieldEdge | COVID-19 and Beyond:


Cybersecurity has always been crucial for every business; however, it’s even more essential as we navigate through this pandemic. 

Law – The Legal Intelligencer | Post COVID-19 and Cybersecurity:

Deloitte | COVID-19’s Impact on Cybersecurity:

Forbes | What You Need to Know to Protect Yourself:

Dice | Cybersecurity Budgets:

Dice | Rethinking Cybersecurity:

IN Homeland Security | Remote Workers and Cybersecurity:

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