Switching Software: ESC to FieldEdge Customer Testimonials

Enter the next generation of cloud-based service management software! ESC software customers are raving about FieldEdge after making the switch.

If you’re still on the fence about FieldEdge, don’t take our word for it. The testimonials in our customer report speak for themselves!

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Here are just a few benefits that our customers love:

  • Improved accounting: “FieldEdge has enabled us to integrate all of our departments and accounting, so we have real-time information.”
  • Access information from anywhere: “More paperless and way easier for our techs to use the app on their phone. We’re not having to mess with the server and are able to access everything online.”
  • Robust mobile app: “Use of the mobile app has been a game changer. We used paper forms before, resulting in A LOT of extra work on the office side and the technicians. That has been greatly reduced.”

Your office staff and field technicians can access the same platform from anywhere! With FieldEdge Mobile, you have more detailed information at your fingertips. Plus, you can more easily communicate with your team!

FieldEdge’s Latest Features Outpace ESC Software:

In addition to these features, our ESC software customers who upgraded to FieldEdge absolutely love the overall workflow improvements.

Definitely switch. The onboarding process is made so much easier since FieldEdge is very familiar with ESC data. Now we can see all work that is being done… Best change we ever made.”

Not to mention, those who have made the switch to FieldEdge have seen overall company revenue growth. In fact, some customers have reported 20 percent increased revenue year-over-year!

Are you ready to take your service business to the next level? FieldEdge can help! Book a demo today to see how FieldEdge expands on ESC software to help grow your business.

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