Field Service Excellence: Employee Appreciation

Your employees are imperative to the success of your company. As the industry continues to evolve, it’s essential to ensure that field service employee appreciation is a key part of your daily operations.

To take proper care of your workforce, you have to put yourself in your field technicians’ shoes to gauge how they feel and determine what’s important to them. Your employees should feel like they’re a vital part of your company’s success. 

Here are some questions we’ll use when evaluating employee appreciation:

  • Do your workers feel valued?
  • Are you allowing your employees to have a voice?
  • Do your employees feel empowered?
  • Are you setting clear goals and objectives for your employees?
  • Are there career advancement opportunities?

Do Your Workers Feel Valued? 

Your field technicians are the face of your brand. So, are you taking the proper steps to make sure that they’re valued? Do your employees know how they’re a part of the company’s mission and vision?

Providing paychecks is the bare minimum — your employees want to feel appreciated and know they’re valued. You want to ensure that your employees are invested in the company’s mission and not just there to work.

So, what are some ways to help your field technicians feel valued?

  • Make sure they are being compensated fairly. A good compensation package with  better-than-average pay can go a long way to make  employees feel valued. Benefits, time off and flexible schedules are some of the perks you can provide.
  • Stress work/life balance. When looking for a job, 72% consider work/life balance. No one wants to work a disproportionate amount of hours. Ensure your employees are encouraged to enjoy their work and their non-work life. 
  • Implement an employee recognition program. Reward individuals or teams that are going above and beyond or reach specific goals. Rewards can be monetary, time off, gifts or free lunches. 

Another important way to help employees feel valued? Make sure you are giving them a chance to share their thoughts and opinions.

Are You Allowing Your Employees to Have a Voice? 

Your employees want to be heard. They want to feel like part of the change, not as though it’s happening to them. Allowing your employees to have a voice brings value to their opinions and cultivates a culture of openness, transparency, and trust.

So, what can employers do to make sure employees are heard?

  • Implement a suggestion box (physical or virtual)
  • Schedule one-on-ones with managers on a regular basis
  • Hold a weekly team meeting where employees can share ideas

Also keep in mind that your employees know your customers the best. Therefore, whenever new ideas are introduced, your employees will be able to offer honest insight and feedback. 

Do Your Employees Feel Empowered? 

Hiring experienced employees and trusting them to do a good job goes a long way. When your employees feel empowered to do their job, they’re more engaged and supportive of the company’s mission. Also, when they’re more engaged, they’re happier and more productive on the job. 

Are You Setting Clear Goals and Objectives for Your Employees?

Do your employees know the goals and objectives set out for them? They will grow and thrive in an environment when they know what they’re working towards. Company objectives and goals, as well as their part in delivering them, should be clear.

Each team member should also set at least one goal for themselves outside of company goals.

For instance, suppose an apprentice wants to get promoted to a more senior technician. Set a goal with them to hone a certain skill. Make sure you allow the apprentice to practice that skill in the field. 

Also, there should be KPIs in place to ensure that goals are consistently being measured. To meet those goals, incentivize your employees to meet and exceed expectations.

Are There Career Advancement Opportunities? 

Some employees are okay with the stability of doing the same things for years, but today, more people become disengaged if there aren’t opportunities for advancement.

If your company doesn’t have career advancement plans in place, it might be a good idea to consider one. It will also help keep employees engaged and give them a reason to stay with your organization, keeping employee turnover rates low.

The Importance of  Field Service Employee Appreciation

Many businesses don’t recognize that the success of their company lies in the hands of their employees. Asking the questions and looking at the answers in this blog is the first step to more engaged and content employees.

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