Become the Best with FieldEdge Navigator’s Field Service Training

Everyone wants to get the most out of their investment. And it can be hard to decide between Field Service Management software options without knowing just how easy each will be to use. This is where quality field service training becomes important.

Not every software provides access to intuitive field service training. Without it, learning new software may feel overwhelming… Especially when your business relies on it to operate.

That’s why we created FieldEdge Navigator. In addition to initial start-up training, FieldEdge Navigator is a resource for ongoing learning. It’s an interactive, self-guided series of lessons that teach your team every facet of FieldEdge.

And when you choose FieldEdge, you’re granted access to FieldEdge Navigator. Some features include:

  • Easy-to-navigate content libraries
  • The FieldEdge basics
  • Interactive activities to learn advanced features
  • Short assessments to reinforce lessons

FieldEdge Navigator makes using FieldEdge a snap. And feeling proficient in your field service management software means you’ll be in a better position to grow your business! Here’s the most notable features of FieldEdge Navigator:

FieldEdge Content Libraries

Our easy-to-navigate content libraries mean you have an intuitive path towards learning any and every advanced feature in FieldEdge. Functionally, this means you’ll have many of the answers to your questions right at your fingertips, leading to less calls or emails to your customer success manager.

That’s why we consider FieldEdge Navigator to be the online, searchable FieldEdge handbook. Within Navigator, you can find downloadable PDF training manuals that you can access for easy offline reference.

Also remember: FieldEdge Navigator is accessible via login through any web browser! So you can set up profiles for everyone on your team. There’s no need for each member to access Navigator through the FieldEdge app.

This means you could allocate time for entire teams to log on without losing functional access to FieldEdge while running your business.

Rich Learning Paths

Imagine you’re lost in a library. And you’re just wandering through the aisles of books with no understanding of where the answer to your question might be hiding. Well, there’s no need to worry about that with FE Navigator. Our rich learning paths are created with elegant simplicity.

Find the path you want to learn more about, for example:

  • Dispatch
  • Marketing
  • Scheduling
  • Bookkeeping
  • Customer Service Contact and Monitoring
  • And More!

Most learning paths include features like tutorials, videos and interactive training. This allows you to go above and beyond simple software tutorials. And that means you can dive deep into each FieldEdge feature with a simple-to-follow step-by-step visual guide.

Interactive Activities

We know the fear of accidentally messing something up on your work database. That’s why Navigator allows you to use FieldEdge in a comfortable and simulated environment. This means you’ll be able to learn (and make mistakes) while preserving the data integrity of your company’s live database.

These activities allow you to revisit how to schedule a work order and review the nuances of the dispatch board. And experience every aspect of booking a client through receiving payment in our simulated FieldEdge environment.

“If the L&D programs are run on a learning portal, which is visually engaging and distinctly separate from work platforms, you can encourage a different mindset—one that allows growth—during training,” reveals Neil Glenister, a multi-award winning creative technologist and founder of

Field Service Training Learning Assessments

And if you thought interactivities(tm) weren’t enough to drive home specific features and functions within FieldEdge… Navigator provides learning assessments along the way.

Yes, some may call these tests, but we consider them opportunities to prove your knowledge and earn badges for your profile! You’ll be able to show off your progress and knowledge to your co-workers with fun digital swag.

That’s the true strength of Navigator, we reinforce learning how to use FieldEdge and make it fun in the process. Each member of your team can create a profile and embark on their own learning journey.

How you decide to further incentivize progress in Navigator is up to you. But maybe you can institute some friendly competition to see who could earn the most badges and show off their knowledge. This can help reinforce critical and important topics to develop skills across your team.

Navigator Makes FieldEdge the Obvious Choice in Field Service Training

From first-time users to seasoned pros, FieldEdge Navigator offers learning paths for every member on your team. Learn how to use your powerful field service software, and how to run your business effectively. Grow your knowledge, grow your business, and learn it all with FieldEdge Navigator.

FieldEdge offers Navigator access free of charge to members. See how FieldEdge can train your team to work more efficiently and help your business grow. Book your FREE personalized demo today to learn more!

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