Plumbing Blog Guide: 9 Sites You Should Be Reading in 2023

Want to keep up with the plumbing industry and see all the most recent advances in equipment and repairs? Plumbing blogs are a great go-to resource! We recommend setting aside a few minutes each week to read a plumbing blog – this will help you stay abreast with trends and tips.

Some blogs address specific plumbing jobs while others are aimed at growing your plumbing business. 

Reading blogs can also help you with writing your own business blog, which will help draw traffic to your site. This can result in more business and leads. If you can write blogs that solve questions posed by customers or DIYers, you’ll be seen as an expert in the field. Reading other plumbing blogs are a great way to gather topic ideas or gain inspiration.

In this article we will review two types of plumbing blogs and sites:

  • Sites for plumbers to stay abreast of trends and best practices.
  • Blogs geared toward homeowners looking for plumbing information.

Blogs & Sites Geared Toward Plumbers

There are many resources to help you stay aware of plumbing trends and news. Here are three sites that we love. 

Plumber Magazine

This plumbing resource is more of an online magazine, though the online articles read like blogs. It’s geared toward residential and commercial plumbing professionals. 

We definitely recommend this blog to keep up with the latest industry news and best practices. There are numerous easy-to-read how-to articles and the writing style and tone keeps the reader interested. 

One post that stood out and gives you a good idea of their blog style is Handling Your Company’s Resident Slacker

Contractor Magazine

This online magazine features all kinds of helpful articles and resources for plumbing, heating, piping and fire protection systems. They cover new product reviews, technology and strategies for safety and energy efficiency. 

Their post from July Fourth 2022 stands out. Made in America 2022 gives a positive outlook on products essential to contractors produced in the US.

Plumbing Perspective

This site is a one-stop resource for professional plumbers, both new and experienced. It features industry news and an industry blog. It also offers many industry videos. Its “Hub on the Road” series of videos share the secrets of success from other plumbing businesses. 

Plumbing & Mechanical

Plumbing & Mechanical is a trade publication that covers the plumbing industry with news, columnists, technology updates, and product information. There’s also an interesting exclusives section that features truck of the month, plumber of the month, tool tips, and PM Profile (interviews with manufacturing executives in the plumbing, piping and hydronic heating industries.)

Plumbing Blogs Geared Toward Homeowners

Here are a few blog posts that plumbing customers love – use these as inspiration when creating your own blog content

Rick’s Plumbing Service

This plumbing blog is presented as “Local Plumbing, Heating and Water Heater News, Tips.” The blog is well thought out and has lots of helpful posts. 

They post once or twice a week about plumbing tips and examine common problems that customers often face. This is a great example of a customer-facing plumbing blog.

This site offers tips for homeowners that aren’t scared to get their hands dirty to fix simple problems! Two great blog posts to read are Water Leak Detection and Prevention and Why Should You Remodel Your Bathroom?

LEN The Plumber  

This plumbing blog is another fan favorite among homeowners. It offers practical advice about all kinds of plumbing issues that can go wrong in your home and how to fix them. If it’s out of the range of a DIYer, they will tell you it should be handled by a professional.

The tone of the blogs is fun and conversational. Some of the topics covered are the standard plumbing problems homeowners may encounter: sinks, water heaters and sump pumps, among many others.

Why would a professional plumbing service offer tips and help when they could use the business themselves? Because they know that for the more difficult jobs, readers will be more likely to reach out to the plumbing business for help, because they will remember the helpful information presented in the blog! 

Mr. Rooter

With over 600 posts, this plumbing blog is well established and very polished. This is a fun blog that uses the Mr. Rooter face in place of bullet points. It offers great tips and answers many of the common plumbing questions in down to earth language that everyone can comprehend quickly and easily. 

There is a list of categories that’s easily navigated with titles such as DIY Tips, News and even a fun Mondays for Moms which features cooking recipes from Mr. Rooter employees throughout the country. Mr. Rooter definitely makes it interesting and entertaining to visit their blog again and again. 

Master Plumbing

This is a very helpful blog with many concise how-to plumbing blog posts for homeowners. They post consistently once a week. A few of the most recent posts include sump pump replacement, water heater maintenance and reasons why your toilet is overflowing

Easy to read with simple, practical advice for homeowners. Their business tagline is as direct as their blog posts: We Solve Problems.

The Family Handyman

This site features blog posts and how-to articles and videos encompassing many different areas for homeowners. There’s lots of great DIY plumbing information. 

Their DIY University and At Home with Family Handyman TV show features impressive builds and designs to household tips and tricks.


Time to Get Reading! 

You now have a short list of must-read blogs from the world of plumbing. Hopefully you pick up some information from these resources and also consider starting your own plumbing blog

Blogs are easy to start and there are endless topics you could write about.. A great way to start is to ask your plumbers and office person what types of questions they are asked frequently and develop blogs around them. 

Producing content costs 62% less than traditional marketing formats, but generates 3x the leads.

Remember, businesses with blogs get 55% more web visitors.  More eyes on your site means more dollars in your pocket!

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