How Plumbing Dispatch Software Can Save 20 Hours/Week

Next level plumbing dispatch software can be a game changer for your business. Assigning the right person to the right job, accessible from anywhere, is one of the best ways to maximize your resources.

Imagine what your business could do with an extra 20 hours a week… 

  • Find and fix bottlenecks
  • Optimize marketing strategies
  • Explore new ways to grow faster
  • Invest the time into new customers
  • Hire additional plumbers
  • Increase employee pay and benefits
  • The possibilities are endless!

In this article, we’ll cover: 

  • The benefits to office managers/dispatchers, plumbers and customers
  • How a smart dispatching board saves time
  • Software features that compliment the dispatch board 

How A Dispatch Board Benefits Employees and Customers

Plumbing dispatcher software makes life easier for everyone! 

The officer manager or dispatcher has a complete handle on scheduling and operations.

Plus, a smart dispatch board gives your office staff a high-level view of all the work orders in the queue:

  • Assigned
  • Unassigned
  • Completed 

Additionally, office managers can alter schedules, create work orders and communicate with plumbers in real time. This eliminates leaving voicemails, whiteboards and spreadsheets. 

Plumbers can see every customer or job detail on a mobile device, whether it’s a phone or tablet. They’ll see the exact job information that the officer manager shares via scheduling and dispatching tools.

Gone are the days of calling into the office to verify addresses, customer names or work order history.  With smart dispatching software, job information is at their fingertips.

While customers don’t see dispatch boards or schedules, they also benefit from this tool.

Here’s what you’ll get with a smart dispatch board:

  • Plumbers are more likely to arrive on time with optimized routes
  • Your team will have instant access to background information and job history

In turn, your plumbers will be able to focus on their jobs so they can give a top-notch customer experience.  

Although, the biggest win of all is that a dispatch board saves time for everyone involved. Less time on the phone, finding the right person for the job, looking for customer history…. The list goes on.

Now, let’s dive into exactly how a dispatch board works and the many ways it can save time before and during a job. 

Time Is Money: A Smart Dispatch Board

Robust plumbing dispatch software can be the difference between completing  jobs in a timely and efficient manner or wasting valuable time. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Recommends the right plumber to the right job based on skill set and job location. When all of this information is already built into the software, a manager or dispatcher can easily assign the right plumber to the right job. This can save hours each week, since dispatchers don’t have to calculate distance or skill level for each job. 
  • Optimizes plumbers’ routes to cut down on driving time. If all routes are optimized, skilled plumbers may be able to fit an additional job into their route each day.
  • Tracks plumbers in real-time so you know which are idle, traveling, working, late or finished. This allows the office manager or dispatcher to move plumbers to the next job with a simple drag and drop on the dispatch board. No more phone tag between the field and office.
  • Updates customers via automated text, call, or email alerting them of arrival time. This saves employees a ton of time spent on calling or manually texting ahead. Everyone is ready to go when the truck stops in the driveway.
  • Displays phone information. When calls come in, the caller’s information is already there so you can focus on the customer. No more digging through paperwork to find customer history. Calls are also color coded, identifying who is a prospect customer, or solicitor. You’ll know exactly who you’re talking to.
  • Allows for easier crew management. Is there more than one plumber on a specific job? Assign an additional plumber or group multiple plumbers for larger jobs. This feature saves time by grouping teams together that can tackle the job more efficiently.


More Than Dispatching Software

Want plumbing dispatch software that checks ALL the boxes?!

A dispatch board is one of many tools you’ll need to be successful. Make sure whatever software you are considering has these other features to help throughout the job:

  • Customer Management: Review all work performed and any equipment a customer has installed. Store and show images to customers to illustrate current issues.
  • QuickBooks Integration: Every transaction made in software like FieldEdge transfers into QuickBooks, eliminating most data entry.
  • Service Agreements: Know when service agreements are due for renewal, billing and scheduling. Office staff can set up reminders and invoices automatically, saving hours each week.
  • Price Presentation: Digital price books are a great tool to sell additional equipment and help customers choose the best option for them.
  • Quotes & Invoices: Reduce unpaid invoices and get paid faster by taking payments on the job or sending an invoice with a few taps or clicks. 
  • Mobile CRM: Allows you to run your business from anywhere – no more being chained to a computer service. Cloud-based software allows you to create work orders and dispatch techs from your phone, tablet or laptop.

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Time Is On Your Side with Plumbing Dispatch Software!

As you can see, dispatching software can make a huge difference for your plumbing business. Implement dispatching software like FieldEdge to save time and streamline your business today!

In this article, we covered:

  • Plumbing dispatch software benefits to office managers/dispatchers, plumbers and customers
  • How a smart dispatching board saves time and maximizes resources
  • Leading software features that compliment the right dispatch board 

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