Improve Your Electrical Sales Strategy in 4 Steps

Even if your day is packed to the brim with jobs, that doesn’t mean you’re done growing. Let’s take a look at four electrical sales strategies that can help you take your business to the next level.

Once you’ve read this article, you’ll gain insights on:

  • How to automate and streamline the sales cycle with software to grow your bottom line
  • The benefits of upselling during price presentations on every job
  • The secret strength of clever leave behinds and client referrals

Each of these strategies will scale from one-truck operations to businesses commanding an entire fleet. Now, let’s unlock the potential for some stratospheric sales!

1. Automate Your Electrical Sales Cycle

Wherever your leads may come from, the process of converting them is roughly the same. Software automation can greatly enhance the process of nurturing a lead into a paying client.

Software can help your team effortlessly navigate a lead through the entire customer journey:

  • Capture crucial contact info and store it securely in the cloud
  • Automate reminders for staff follow-up on cooling leads
  • Track leads to see a noticeable rise in conversions to paying clients

You’ll let fewer qualified leads slip through the cracks if you capture them all within a proper field service software package.

Once you’ve secured a new client, the best software can help you schedule and dispatch the right tech for the right job.

And with GPS tracking, you’ll have a top down view of where your field team is at any time. So, if an urgent job arises, you can see which team member is closest and capable of assisting.

Empower your team with cloud-based client profiles. This way, every last note added by the office staff will get updated in real-time to your field team’s mobile device or tablet.

Plus, your entire team, no matter where they are, will have the most up-to-date information on every client and call. Cloud-based software decreases confusion and completely eliminates the need to call back to the office for on-site clarification.

2. Polish Your On-Site Price Presentation

Sometimes, the best way to increase electrical sales is to help the client choose the services right for them.

A lot is written about sales philosophies and tactics (guilty as charged), but so frequently the key to increased sales is to get out of your own way!

Your clients know what they need, and they have an idea of what they want. Maybe all they need to jump on those additional sales is a clear presentation of options.

That’s why using price presentation, and giving good, better, best options, is such a powerful sales strategy.

And it might not even take a salesman to upsell each client. With the best electrical service software, your field team can have all the tools they need, right in the palm of their hand.

Give clients the ability to say yes to additional services and add-ons right when your field team is standing in front of them. Use your price presentation to shine a light on services the client might not have considered, or didn’t know how to put into words.

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3. The Client-Driven Electrical Sales Strategy Hidden in Referrals and Leave Behinds

Even though clients aren’t on your payroll, they do work with you. Scheduling, communicating issues, interacting with the field team. Every touchpoint you have with your client can be considered a work interaction.

And while they’re the ones paying you, they could still be a useful addition to your electrical sales strategy. Surely, you hope client’s talk about your business to others. And you absolutely want potential clients to say those magical words ‘your reputation precedes you.’

We know you’ll do everything you can to make that mention of reputation mean only good things. While these aren’t hard-and-fast sales tactics, the following does impact overall sales performance:

Nail those fundamentals, and you’re on your way to more sales. After all, you’ve built a company others actually want to give their business.

Don’t fall into the trap of assuming others have no choice but to call you. Existing in the electrical industry can fool business owners into confusing the essential nature of their trade means their business is also essential.

The best electrical businesses recognize that clients will always have a choice. Operate under the assumption that a client calling you means they chose to call you, not that they need you to save them.

This is even more apparent in the case of referrals.

Make Referral Programs Benefit Everyone

Customers talk. They share and offer up brands and businesses they feel treat them with respect, and offer prompt service for a reasonable price. You want to reward that impulse in your clients.

In fact, studies show word-of-mouth referrals convert best into actual sales.

A great client referral program benefits everyone and includes features like:

  • An introductory price break for first-time referred customers
  • A specified free service or percentage off next visit for the referring client
  • A tiered system of benefits for clients that refer more than one new customer

A program like this can spark the advocacy of your current client base to spread the word about their great experiences, while extending a well-contained price break for both parties.

Referral programs are also useful in setting price expectations early on. Temporary, or introductory price incentives, are easier to communicate to new customers when contained in a referral deal.

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Leave Behind More Than a Business Card

The premise of a good leave behind is one of the oldest sales strategies around. Everybody does it… but not everybody does it well.

Sure, a few business cards left behind is a useful tactic when paired with a solid referral program. You want clients to have something to hand over during those word-of-mouth referrals. However, the art of a clever leave behind is something wholly different.

So, what do we mean when we say clever leave behind? This is a moderately priced unique item that’s branded with your business, contact information and services. It can take many forms. Some of our favorite ideas include:

  • Magnetic Business Cards
  • Branded Velcro Cable Ties
  • Circuit Breaker Directories with Your Contact Information

… Or maybe you want to leave a pen and pad of stationary. Think of how you can make a standard item memorable.

Since you’re an electrician, lean into the novelty of your trade. Brand a pen with your logo and contact information, but also choose a pen that lights up! Find ways to elevate your leave behinds to enchant your clients.

For as little as one dollar per leave-behind, you can leave a lasting impression and give a surprising boost to your electrical sales.

4. Boost Electrical Sales with Performance Pay

If you see a time-sensitive opportunity for a quick boost in sales, consider implementing a performance pay sprint with your sales team.

This short-term goals-driven sales tactic can assist incentivizing your team to hit additional goals.

Performance Pay, like spiffs, work like a short-term add-on to normal compensation packages. Think of it like a bonus based on deliverables.

This can lead to healthy competition, and improved team cohesion as everyone strives to hit their goals. Though, try not to get too heated with winners and losers. You want to bring your team together with a common goal.

In the end, additional sales means everybody is winning, because the team gets additional compensation while your business bears the fruit of their efforts!

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See Immediate Results Using These Electrical Sales Strategies

Any of these three strategies can boost your electrical sales almost OVERNIGHT. Software integration in client communications and price presentations alone can pay for itself handily.

Performance pay and short-term spiff incentives can motivate your sales team to hit targets once thought unimaginable. Find a way to create healthy competition and you might break records in a way where everyone wins.

Also, don’t forget to gauge the interest in your leave-behinds – just watch for that little smile creep across the faces of your clients. Spark some wonder, and they’ll be your client for life!

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