Tips for Improving Your Plumbing Invoice Process

Once the tech has completed the work for a customer, the plumbing invoice process should be quick, efficient, and painless.

Is inefficient software holding your business back from its true potential? Or even worse, is your business still using written invoices?

In this article, we’ll offer several tips on speeding up your plumbing invoice process by:

  • Implementing top-shelf plumbing software 
  • Streamlining with QuickBooks Integration
  • Allowing customers to pay immediately

Pump Up Your Invoice Process With the Top Plumbing Software

The best plumbing software can generate and store plumbing invoices digitally in real time from anywhere. Gone are the days where you have to generate an invoice back at the office and send it to the customer. 

Let’s consider some of the benefits of running your plumbing invoice process with FieldEdge:

  • No lost invoices.
    • Invoices flow directly from the job site to the office digitally—eliminating misplaced invoices.
  • Email OR print invoices.
    • Use a mobile printer to print out the customer invoice right on the spot, or better yet: email it right from the app.
  • Invoices are saved and stored for easy retrieval.
    • With invoices saved in the cloud, customers can easily see all of their past work orders.

Software is the #1 secret to success for ANY plumbing business. Plus, FieldEdge more than pays for itself in streamlined daily operations—simultaneously saving time and money. 

Let’s dive a little deeper into the invoice process and how it integrates with accounting software. 

QuickBooks Integration

Since so many small businesses use QuickBooks for accounting, it makes sense to have an invoice software to complement it.

With a full QuickBooks integration, like FieldEdge, transactions and invoices flow directly into QuickBooks at the tap of a screen—simultaneously saving time, resources, and money!

  • No more double data entry or errant accounting mistakes 
  • Easily fix errors on invoices
  • Track inventory to make sure your trucks have everything your techs need to complete jobs
  • Techs can update invoices as job specs change in real time, without contacting the office


Allow Customers to Pay on the Spot

As the top all-in-one plumbing software solution, FieldEdge’s in-house payments allow customers to pay online, or in the field.

Using FieldEdge Payments, you won’t have to generate invoices or wait for payment. Payment is paid as soon as the job is complete. Plus, next day funding improves cash flow for the business. As a result, you’ll save countless hours, no longer having to track down unpaid invoices.

Another option in FieldEdge is the customer portal. This allows a technician or office person to email a customer for payment. The email contains a link to the customer portal, which allows customers to pay their plumbing invoice via credit card or banking information.

FieldEdge can help your plumbing business with invoicing help– saving you hours each week! Book a FREE personalized demo today!

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Powerful Plumbing Invoice Help With Service Software!

With the tips provided, you are now in the driver’s seat to improve your invoicing process. Plus, using the trouble-free process FieldEdge provides, you can save endless hours a week in monotonous work—keeping money in your company’s pocket. 

Use the tips in this article to improve your invoice game by:

  • Implementing top-shelf plumbing software to scale your business
  • Streamlining daily accounting operations with QuickBooks Integration
  • Simplifying the payments process to instantly get paid on time, every time

Use the information in this article to instantly begin eliminating your biggest bottlenecks, scale your business, and improve your plumbing invoice process today!


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