Using an Electrician Job Description to Recruit Top Talent

Writing a dynamic, eye appealing electrician job description is the first step to attracting top talent who will grow your business.

However, finding top talent presents its own set of challenges. After all, how are you going to stand out from the other businesses looking to hire in a tight labor market?

Here you will find a breakdown of each part of a great electrician job description as well as everything you need to begin marketing your job opening.

Build Better Job Posts

Recruiting the best talent possible starts with a well-written electrician job description. Since a job post is an extension of marketing goals, the key is to “sell” candidates on your business.

You want to convey that your electrical business is the ideal place for a professional electrician. They will be treated well with a clear career path and adequate compensation for their efforts. 

Start With Research

Before writing your own listing, explore the top job websites to see what the rest of the industry includes in their job postings. This will help you determine how you are going to stand out from the other numerous electrician listings. Put yourself in the candidate’s shoes. What would make you apply to a job?

General Rules for Job Posts

There are a few rules to keep in mind when writing every job listing:

  • Voice and Tone: Keep your writing formal and professional but your tone friendly and inviting. This will keep your post on point while still engaging the candidate.
  • Concise Structure: Your post should be short and to the point. Separate your post into sections to make it easy to read. 
  • Company Culture and Mission: You want your hire to be a good fit. This means they share your company values and beliefs.
  • Consistency: Hiring teams should keep all their job postings consistent once they settle on a template. This helps maintain a consistent company brand. 

Now, we’ll break down the sections of a typical, well written job post. 

Creating the Perfect Job Post

Targeted Job Title

Your job title should be clear and concise. It’s the first impression a candidate sees as they scan the job board. You also want to use keywords that you think candidates will be searching for on the job websites.

Just remember, it’s important to use common industry job titles. Avoid using job titles that are internal to your business. In turn, this will also help with making the job more discoverable.

Introduce the Business

Start by giving the applicants an overview of your organization and what it stands for. One example may be, “Family owned business since 1980 has served the community both commercially and residentially.” 

Summarize the Job Opening

State exactly what the person will be doing at a high level in just a few sentences. Later you can go into more detail in the job description section of the post. 

Should You Include Salary or Benefits?

A Glassdoor study found that over 67% want salary details in the listing or they won’t waste their time. 63% want to know the benefits. Though, many companies feel that disclosing a job’s salary, even a range, puts them at a disadvantage when it comes time to negotiate the hiring. But failing to list the salary in the job posting means many will just move on. 

List the Job Description 

It’s now time to write the electrician job description. Here’s where you list all of the duties the new hire will perform. The format should be a bulleted list to help the reader pinpoint exactly what they will need to do on a day-to-day basis. 

State the Qualifications

What does the ideal candidate have to have in order to land the job? Here you would list things like:

  • Education
  • Experience
  • Licensing
  • Hours required
  • Holiday and weekend expectations (mandatory, paid, etc.)
  • Desired years of experience

Also, it’s important to state the level of education required or preferred. For example, does the job require a four-year college degree? For an electrician, it’s probably a high school diploma and trade school. 

List the mandatory qualification first and the “nice to have” qualifications at the end. 

Interesting Perks and Contact Information

Close with any additional information that may pique their interest in the job as well as instructions on how to apply. Also, be sure to list the business contact information so they can directly contact your business. 

Here, you could tell the applicant that you use the latest and greatest electrician software (like FieldEdge). You could mention the partnerships your business has leading electrical industries. Alternatively, you could highlight the monthly gym membership each employee enjoys. Anything that separates you from the rest of the competition!

Where to Post Your Open Jobs

There are 4 main resources for posting your open electrician jobs: job websites, electrical industry website job boards, trade schools or on your social media channels.

  • Top recruiting platforms:  Indeed, CareerbuilderZipRecruiter, Monster, LinkedIn 
  • Electrical Website job boards: Tradesmen International, IBEW
  • Trade Schools: Partner with local trade schools when you want to hire a recent graduate to train.
  • Social Media: Posting open positions on your social media channels can also yield quality results. Both organic and promoted posts are effective ways to utilize this platform.

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Use Your Electrician Job Description to Start Winning Top Talent Now! 

You’re better prepared to write a dynamic electrician job description using the steps outlined in this article.

Use the the key steps in this article to create the most effective electrician job description for recruiting the best fit by:

  • Identifying the qualities of a dynamic job post to attract top talent
  • Writing each section of the job post to maximize qualified applicants
  • Locating the right platform to post your job listing

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