Safeguard Your Business With an Electrical Contract Template

A robust electrical contract template has the ability to safeguard your business from potential liabilities and legal conflicts.

Use this article to take advantage of all that a complete electrical contract template has to provide:

  • Customers understand the full scope of the service
  • Both parties have and understand the mutually set, clear expectations
  • Both parties agree on the services included within the electrical contract

Plus, a great electrical contract template helps prevent miscommunication between you and the customer. In addition, it also holds both parties legally accountable for the promises and statements previously agreed upon.

What to Include in Your Electrical Contract Template

In order to be sure both you and the customer have the same mutually set expectations for the contract’s terms and conditions, you’ll need a robust electrical contract template. Here’s an example of what your electrical contract template should include:

  1. Extent of Work
    • State included services.
  2. Services
    • State requested services and list any specifics about each service.
      • E.g. Free access to the circuit breaker, attic, etc.
  3. Service Calls
    • Reason for service calls and pricing.
  4. Guarantee
    • State there’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  5. Contract Pricing
    • State the agreed upon price.
  6. Completion Dates
    • When the service will be complete.
  7. Payments
    • State due date and payment information.
  8. Legal compliance
    • State that you’re abiding by all applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations.
  9. Insurance
    • The business has adequate insurance and include who you are insured through.
  10. Subcontractors
    • If applicable, include a disclosure about potential subcontractors.
  11. Unexpected Costs
    • The customer understands any unexpected costs might alter their price.
  12. Arbitration
  13. Final Disclosure
    • Explain in the final disclosure how this contract is final. Any future amendments will need to be signed by both parties in writing.

While this is a fantastic example of a contract outline, it’s important to make adjustments for your electrical business as-needed. After all, every business’ needs are unique and highly individualized.

As you write your contract, take all essential factors of your electrical business into account. Think about your customers, and include anything that can potentially cause conflict or misunderstandings. And of course, check with a legal professional to ensure you’ve included everything you need!

Outline the Requested Services in Your Electrical Contract Template

An important aspect of any electrical contract template is outlining the requested services and stating any specifics about that service. For example, if your service involves rewiring in the attic, list the service being completed and explain any specifics about needing free access to the customer’s attic.

Depending on the service being rendered, it’s important to completely outline everything the service includes within the contract. This way, if you encounter any unexpected costs or hiccups, you can adjust your pricing accordingly.

Here are a few disclaimers you might provide to customers:

  • If any unexpected costs or challenges arise, the customer’s price may be adjusted accordingly to reflect these unpredictable changes.
  • While the [electrical business name] will seek to avoid any property damage, no promises can be made. Since some electrical projects require cutting through drywall and other surfaces, the customer will be responsible for repairs to these items. However, [electrical business name] will obtain the customer’s consent before taking such measures.
  • The customer understands they are required to provide full access to areas needing repair (e.g. the attic, crawlspace, etc.).
  • All essential labor, materials, tools, equipment and travel are included in the expected cost of the electrical contract.

These items are a great start in creating a well-rounded electrical contract template. However, it’s important to make adjustments based on your knowledge of your customer base. This is the best way to proactively determine what needs to be outlined.

Choose a Payment Process

It’s crucial to include a payment process within your electrical contract template. How will customers pay for their electrical services? Will they pay via cash, check, credit card or some other method?

By the way, did you know FieldEdge can initiate automatic payments in person or digitally invoice a customer to reduce the chance of late payments?

Also, don’t forget to include any stipulations concerning due dates, declined payments, late fees and non-payment penalties in your electrical contract template.

ALWAYS Meet With a Lawyer or Legal Consultant to Finalize

No matter what, before finalizing an electrical contract template, you MUST meet with a lawyer or legal consultant. After all, this is the only surefire way to detect any legal conflicts, liabilities or incorrect language.

ALWAYS seek advice from proper legal counsel before releasing any contractual or legally binding documents to customers.

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Write a Complete Electrical Contract to Guard Your Business

Finally, you have everything needed to write a complete electrical contract template to guard your business from potential liabilities.

Use these winning strategies to create a contract that:

  • Creates mutually trusting relationships with customers
  • Sets clear expectations and obligations from both parties
  • Ensures there’s no miscommunication between either party

Remember, it’s critical to ALWAYS discuss with a lawyer or legal consultant before finalizing any electrical contract template. This is the best way to ensure all legal bases are protected before releasing any legally binding documents.

Even though creating a robust electrical contract template might seem intimidating, the strategies listed within this article will help simplify this process. Plus, when you use FieldEdge, the contract creation process has never been easier!

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