Best App for Electricians: Top 8 Features

You expect the best from yourself and your team, and clients expect the same. The tools you choose for the job should never fail, including your most powerful tool – your electrician app. Don’t drop the ball when choosing the best electrician software. We’ll reveal 8 features you’ll find in the best app for electricians.

Once you read this article, you’ll see how the best app for electricians can:

  • Increase workflow efficiencies
  • Pay for itself almost immediately
  • Help your team complete jobs faster
  • Streamline operations with the right software in your toolbelt

1. Cloud-Based Means Anywhere Accessible

Everyone’s job becomes much easier with a singular database housing all company files and information.

Let’s say someone in the office receives a call from a client awaiting their electrician. The client provides an updated gate code, which is something the electrician will need almost immediately.

The office staff will receive that updated code, and instantly change it in the client’s cloud-based profile. Once the electrician arrives, they’ll check the client’s profile like always, then see the updated gate code ready and waiting.

Imagine no more games of phone tag in attempts to reach an electrician out in the field. Plus, there’s no need for the electrician to scrounge around for a pen while driving to jot down the new gate code.

All information is updated in real-time to the client’s cloud-based profile. Everything is instantly accessible by anyone on your team from anywhere.

2. The Best App for Electricians Makes Smarter Dispatching a Breeze

Sometimes, the only thing keeping your business from a larger bottom line is scheduling and dispatching the right electrician for the right job. It’s an art form, to be certain.

The first step is hiring the best dispatchers and office staff. Though, it also helps to provide those professionals with the most advanced tools for the job.

Fortunately, the best app for electricians is also the best software for dispatchers. This will provide an overview of your entire field team. Plus, it gives your dispatcher the tools necessary to send the most skilled and nearest electrician to the right job.

With truly advanced electrician software, everyone gets updated of any scheduling or dispatch changes in real-time!

Which means, if an urgent job arises at any time of the day, your dispatcher can adjust schedules and assign the necessary field team members right away. And your team in the field will also be notified immediately. So, your electrician software can push any schedule revisions to the entire field team right away.

Don’t rely on games of phone tag to notify your field team. Provide push notifications of updates, rush-jobs and changes directly to the field team’s mobile device.

With FieldEdge, you can decrease unapplied time by optimizing your field workforce’s schedule to increase the company’s wrench time ratio. Plus, keep your field team focused on completing jobs, not navigating between jobs.

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3. Say Goodbye to Duplicate Data Entries and Paper

“An average of 4 weeks is lost each year waiting on misfiled, mislabeled, untracked, or lost documents”

We all know the frustrations of hunting down the physical copy of an important document. The dread we feel after scouring through rows of filing cabinets – only to find the file folder empty – with no trace of the urgently-needed document.

Thankfully, cloud-based document storage is replacing paper document management. This is a true game-changer – you’ll never wonder if the information you’re viewing is accurate.

Say goodbye to those stressful hunts through rows of filing cabinets to maybe find the most updated document you need. With cloud-based storage, everything is digital, available anywhere with a signal, and searchable right from your web-enabled devices.

Effectively, this means your team can be confident in the information they pull up – confident in the information they jot down. Most importantly, your team can be confident that everyone has access to exactly the same information at all times.

Aside from the stress savings, you’ll save time and money as well! With any business, paper and storage can get costly over the course of a year.

Plus, you might even be able to reclaim some office space in the process.

4. Tracking, Tracking and More Tracking

Surely, tracking performance metrics are a vital part of running any business – especially one that’s poised to grow. Fortunately, there are plenty of methods available to track the performance of your company. Although, not many are quite as instantaneous, foolproof and easy-to-understand.

With the best app for electricians, you’ll get a top down, 360-degree view of your entire business. Access valuable information and insights on:

  • Bookkeeping and Accounting
  • Dispatch and Scheduling
  • Invoicing and Billing
  • Customer Calls and Emails
  • And more!

This means you’ll have up-to-the-minute information on your business at any time of the day or night. Plus, with a mobile CRM, you’ll have access to your entire business anywhere with a signal.

5. No More Communication Breakdowns

No one likes to be misheard – or worse – told one thing, then hear something completely different from someone else. Worse still, when a customer hears one thing, but your office team swears they said the complete opposite.

Without tools and processes to prevent it, communication breakdowns could become a near daily occurrence. Without appropriate data logging, a manager’s job becomes something of a detective following a trail of clues to determine who is telling the truth!

Luckily, the best app for electricians radically improves company communication between teams, departments and customers:

  • Your team will have the ability to log notes during every customer interaction in that customer’s cloud-based profile.
  • You’ll also have instantly updated information that everyone, even those in the field, will have immediate access to read.
  • Your customers will love the fact they don’t need to repeat themselves as often as with those other guys using older software, or worse, pen-and-paper.
  • The best app for electricians will afford your business the ability to capture every call between your customer service team and customers.
  • Aside from saving you the headache of tracking down who said what, you’ll also be able to award top performers and coach those needing a little guidance.

Spare your business from losing customers to preventable communication breakdowns. And boost your team’s ability to provide the best service out there.

6. Easy Invoicing and Prompt Payments

Who can forget the old cat-and-mouse game of mailing out invoices and waiting for that check? For the longest time, that’s how business was done. That long, laborious process of waiting and hoping you’ll get your hard-earned payments.

Maybe you’ve already embraced digital invoicing, and maybe you’ve seen some success with it. Though, the best app for electricians can SUPERCHARGE that process. Suddenly, you can invoice clients on-the-spot, all while your electrician is still on the job.

Best of all, you can even accept payments right then and there! Suddenly, a process previously taking weeks, maybe even months, can now be completed in a matter of SECONDS. This one aspect of cloud-based field service management software can radically change your business for the better.

However, the real secret here is that your clients will appreciate it too. Many clients that your electricians will see each day would rather pay for those services the same day. After all, no one likes receiving a bill, or trying to remember and then forgetting to pay it.

Even if you prefer to invoice your clients after the fact, software can also help with that. You can send invoices directly to a customer’s email inbox and even create reminders when a payment is still due!

Take the burden out of invoices and payments for both sides of this transaction. Your clients will thank you.

7. The Best App for Electricians Creates Price Presentation Perfection

Let’s not forget the process preceding sending that invoice. Price presentations become easily digestible and highly visual with the best app for electricians. Arm your electricians with the tools they need to present each client with a good, better, best option when on a job site..

Allow clients to say yes to more services right on the spot.

In turn, providing your field team the proper price presentation tools is a game-changer. With this simple addition to your electricians’ toolbox, you may see a drastic increase in billable services per job.

An advanced price presentation tool can help educate the client, as well as remove the burden of a stressful sales pitch for the electrician. Also, it can grow your company’s bottom line.

8. Team Training and Member Support

The best app for electricians certainly is a powerful tool, but it wouldn’t be the best if you weren’t taught how to use it. That’s why including resources like FieldEdge Academy makes the decision easier.

Your entire team will have full access to:

  • Self-guided tutorials and lesson plans to help make the most of your app
  • Quizzes to test your team’s knowledge
  • Badges to earn and show off on your profiles
  • Interactive virtual environments separate from your business database

Your team will have the freedom to try out the more advanced features of FieldEdge in an environment removed from your company’s data. This means anyone at your company is free to practice as they learn how to wield the best app for electricians.

Member Support That’s Second to None

When it comes time to go live with your company’s data in FieldEdge, the member support offered becomes worth its weight in gold. You’ll have an individual contact to answer your entire team’s questions.

Onboarding can feel scary, especially for organizations that have historically operated solely on pen and paper. That’s why FieldEdge prides itself on the personal relationships we offer with our customer success team.

Always have a specific person to contact with questions and support as you and your team become experts with your new electrician software.

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Choose the Best App for Electricians NOW

When you choose the best app for electricians, you’re making a commitment to your team and clients to provide the best tools for the job.

You’ll find electrician software can help streamline operations, customer touch points, price presentations and more.

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