The Profit Roadmap Answers Your Questions

Welcome to a special question-and-answer episode of the Profit Roadmap podcast. If you have questions you want our host or guests to answer, be sure to email us at: We look forward to answering your questions in future Q&As!

Here are the questions we cover during this Q&A episode:

Who is the podcast for?

The Profit Roadmap is for all types of service professionals, including lawn, landscape, irrigation, cleaning, HVAC, plumbing, and more. Basically, any field service business looking to learn best practices to scale will deeply benefit from this podcast.

What type of guests will you be featuring? 

We’ll be welcoming guests from different service industries to cover a wide variety of topics. These industry experts and business owners have been there and done it! We’ll also have guests from industry associations and big industry brands too.

I’m a locksmith, will your podcast still apply to me?

Absolutely! The Profit Roadmap Podcast is for ALL field service businesses. We’ll be covering topics on finding talent, maximizing profits with premium pricing, marketing to grow your offerings, and so much more!

Ultimately, we want to show you scalable solutions to overcome your biggest bottlenecks by hearing from world-class guests who provide expert industry insight.

I’m a brand new plumber, and I was told to listen to industry podcasts by my company’s owner. Are you a good podcast for me?

The Profit Roadmap Podcast is for service pro vets and newcomers—business owners, management, crew leaders, and technicians alike are all welcome. If you’re looking for additional resources, be sure to check out the Service Autopilot Blog as well as the Field Edge Blog.

Will you please talk about how to find techs? It’s so hard to hire talent right now!

Yes, hiring has been a challenge for lots of service businesses right now. That’s why we brought in hiring expert Libby DeLucien. Be sure to listen to her episode, and learn how you can find (and keep) the best talent!

Is the podcast free?

The podcast is 100% free, and you can listen to it on all your favorite platforms including Apple, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Youtube.

Will there be a meetup or live show in the future?

We don’t have any official plans for a live show, but we’re definitely open to it. We’re thinking about doing a live meet-up at the upcoming Service Edge Conference.

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