How to Write Electrical Slogans for Your Electric Company

Every day we see and hear slogans from TV, radio and online. Do these sound familiar? The Quicker Picker Upper! What’s in Your Wallet? I’m Lovin’ It! 

Most of us can match up these catchy slogans with their corresponding brands.  

Brand awareness, including logos and slogans, can be a very powerful marketing tool that sets your electrician business apart from the competition. But what makes a good slogan? And how do you go about writing memorable electrical slogans? 

In this blog, we’ll cover:

  • The key points that make a great slogan
  • Strategies to help you write successful electrical company slogans
  • Examples of top electrical slogans

What Makes a Great Slogan (And a Not-So-Great Slogan)

What is a slogan? It’s is defined as a short phrase that’s easy to remember.  

Before you start the process of brainstorming ideas and writing a slogan, let’s identify what a successful slogan looks like. Then we’ll look at some examples to get those creative juices flowing.

Is there a specific formula for a successful slogan? These tips should give you a good start. 

  • Use simple, small words. Don’t confuse people with a word salad.
  • Keep your slogan short – the shorter the better. Four to six words is ideal.  
  • The best slogans plug your benefits to the customer
  • Ask others for input and ideas. Sometimes you just need fresh eyes!
  • Use humor if you can (and if it makes sense!)
  • Consider active verbs ending in “ing”. Delivering, Moving, Sending, etc. 
  • Don’t talk about yourself. Instead, focus on  your customer or benefits you provide

Avoid These Mistakes:

When creating electrical company slogans, avoid boring, overused and unsubstantiated phrases:

  • Since 1962: Many logos and slogans have used their founding date and like a song played over and over, it just becomes noise.  
  • The Best: It’s hard to prove that you’re the best. Even if you have numbers backing it up. 
  • #1 Electrical Company: Again, this is hard to prove and many companies use this phrase

The Slogan Writing Process

Writing your company’s slogan can take time and effort, but there’s a process you can follow to keep you on track. Like most writing strategies, start by brainstorming. 

Word List Brainstorming

Write down a list of words related to your business. Consider the following questions:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What sets your business apart from the other electricians in town? 
  • What do you stand for as a brand?

It’s easy to get lost in the crowd with your company slogan. That’s why it’s important to brainstorm using words that describe your business audience and brand values. This exercise will help you identify an angle. What sets you apart from your competitors?

Once you have a list of words, expand on it by looking up the most relevant words using an online thesaurus to find related words. You may find new words that are the perfect fit for your electrical company’s slogan!


Brainstorming Tips

  • Jot down words that you definitely want to include (electrical, electrician, name of your city/region, etc.).
  • Use a rhyming site to see what matches these words, such as Rhymer.
  • Bounce ideas off of family and friends that know your business well. 

Slogan Generators

Once you identify words you might want to include in a slogan, you may still feel stuck when trying to put together a catchy phrase.

If so, take your top words and run them through a slogan generator. It’s unlikely you will finalize your slogan at this stage, but one of their options may spark an idea. 

There are several free slogan generators that can get you started. Just type in the words describing your brand and these tools generate a list for you. Many of the results are silly or not relevant, but it may help your brainstorming efforts. 

It’s Time to Test

Once you have a couple slogan options, find 20 of your closest friends, family and colleagues to help you make your decision on which slogan is best. Send out a poll to pick their favorite slogan and why they picked it. From there, you can select a slogan or modify the words. 

Proven Electrical Company Slogan Examples

Need more inspiration? Here we will focus on some of the best slogans from the electrical industry. Short, to the point, memorable and indicative of the benefits the business brings to the table. 

This is a good example of a slogan that changes as the business and times change. Because slogans are not permanent, they can change if not resonating with an audience.

From 1979 to 2003 GE’s slogan was “We Bring Good Things To Life.” But as their core business of electric generating and electrical appliance maker grew to service and technology, the slogan needed an update. The current slogan better describes their business.

Ranked as one of the top electrical contractors in North America, Quanta nailed their slogan. They have acquired more than 200 businesses since 1997, and they wanted a slogan to highlight their employees and their accomplishments. It’s simple and furthers their mission in just five words. 

Another very large business that does a great job playing off the active verb “Building.” It’s simple, quick and you know exactly what they stand for: quality, value and people. 

  • ArchKey – Scaling to New Heights, Transforming an Industry

In this electrical slogan it’s clear they wanted to pinpoint the word “scaling.” That’s how they differentiate from similar electrical businesses. Their marketing message goes on to tell their story of disrupting the industry by “turning the ordinary into extraordinary by scaling where others cannot.”

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 Write Electrical Slogans Like a Pro

You now have the tools to write a meaningful, memorable, electrical slogan for your business. Use what was covered to:

  • Identify a great slogan from an average one. 
  • Implement strategies to help write successful electrical company slogans
  • Connect with friends or colleagues to help you identify the best slogan for your business

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