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Wintac Solutions Sunsetting January 2022

To our Wintac users,

For more than 30 years, Wintac has provided field service management solutions for thousands of customers. We’re proud of how Wintac has helped pioneer the field service space – and you have played a role in its success. We are grateful for your partnership through the years.

As technology in the field service space advances and evolves, we have made the decision to no longer support or maintain Wintac after January 31, 2022.

Why is Wintac going away? Due to technical limitations Wintac will pose in the future, along with increasing demand for more innovative and accessible solutions, we believe it’s best to retire Wintac. By sunsetting Wintac and focusing on FieldEdge products, we can continue to provide the highest level of support to customers like you. The features you know and love in Wintac will still be available in FieldEdge, with increased functionality across many areas.

We are dedicated to your success and our goal is to make this transition process as smooth as possible. Gaining and fostering your trust is our pride and the growth of your business is our mission. At FieldEdge, we have a dedicated team ready to assist you throughout the implementation process. Our team is specially trained to help transfer data from Wintac and will assist you in learning how to use FieldEdge when you are ready.

We would like to offer you, our Wintac legacy customers, an exclusive offer if you switch to FieldEdge. Join now and get 3 free months of FieldEdge, plus loyalty pricing.

To begin the transfer process or to learn more about FieldEdge, please schedule time with one of our product experts. We’re happy to walk through the migration and implementation process together for a seamless transition.

We hope you’ll continue to be part of the family by implementing FieldEdge to continue managing your field service business! If you have questions or concerns, please contact or 877-897-5118 to speak with one of our Wintac team members. You may also review our FAQ document below 

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