Introducing the Profit Roadmap Podcast for leveling up field service business by FieldEdge

Service Autopilot by Xplor And FieldEdge by Xplor Launch Profit Roadmap—The New Podcast For Leveling Up

Service Autopilot by Xplor relaunches its podcast with FieldEdge by Xplor to reach more field service businesses than ever before. The Profit Roadmap podcast will guest star service industry pros from around North America to discuss latest industry news, troubleshoot common field service struggles and unlock expert insights into maximizing business growth.

ATLANTA, GA, March 9, 2023 — Service Autopilot by Xplor and FieldEdge by Xplor are excited to announce the new and improved Profit Roadmap podcast. Formerly exclusively for lawn care, cleaning, snow, pest and pool industries, the Profit Roadmap podcast has been reimagined to reach even more field service businesses, including HVAC, plumbing and electrical. A new episode will be released on March 9, introducing the hosts to listeners, with additional episodes to follow monthly.

The Profit Roadmap will be co-hosted by Ryan Yelvington, FieldEdge content creator, and Rebekah Spencer, Service Autopilot senior training specialist. With a combined tenure of over 16 years, these co-hosts are experts in helping field service businesses reach their maximum potential by using software to streamline their daily operations.

From lawn care to HVAC to residential cleaning, plumbing and more, this podcast is for all field service professionals!

The podcast will discuss the latest trends and topics in field services: industry updates, key hiring insights, expert strategies to safeguard finances, growth planning advice, next-level marketing strategies and more.

The first full episode will feature Libby DeLucien from Organize It, a soon-to-be $2 million cleaning and professional organizing company based in Fort Myers, Florida. DeLucien has been in the organization business for almost 10 years and counting. She is also the co-founder of WootRecruit, a fast growing company that specializes in hiring and retaining top industry talent. WootRecruit currently serves over 250 companies in 20 different industries around the world. DeLucien will share with the audience her experience with hiring and retention challenges and how to overcome them.

All podcast listeners can access Profit Roadmap from their podcast platform of choice: AppleSpotify, or YouTube. Listeners will also have the opportunity to submit questions, feedback, and anything else they want to share by email at:

Service Autopilot by Xplor and FieldEdge by Xplor members and non-members alike are all encouraged to listen to the podcast and gain free expert insights. Click here to find out more about Profit Roadmap.


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Xplor Technologies serves over 78,000 customers that processed over $36 billion in payments, operating across 20 markets in 2022.

With operations across North America, Australasia, Europe, and the United Kingdom, Xplor serves over 78,000 businesses that processed over $31 billion in payments, operating across 140 countries in 2021.

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