4 Signs Your Customer Needs a Furnace Repair

If your customer has a faulty furnace, it may be time for a new repair. Some signs are obvious, but others are easier to overlook. Although they may notice them, they might not realize that their furnace is causing them. Here are four signs that your customer may need a furnace repair.

Weak Airflow Throughout Their Home 

If their home isn’t warm or cold enough, it could be a weak airflow problem. Check their vents. How is the pressure coming out of them — Is it weaker than normal? If so, their air filter is most likely clogged. As a result, air can’t properly pass through the screen, causing weak air flows throughout their home. If they haven’t changed their filter in over three months, it may be time for a repair. Luckily, all that needs to be replaced is their air filter.

Odd Noises 

Sometimes when furnaces shut on and off, it may make noise at times. However, if your customer continuously notices noises throughout their home, it may be their furnace that’s causing them. 

The leading cause of these noises is a broken fan belt. When the belt is broken, it can start moving around and hitting other parts inside the system. If they hear a squeal, that could be a blower motor or inducer motor that’s getting old. Therefore, once they begin hearing these sounds, it’s time for a repair.

Strange Smells in Their Vents 

Odors are a big problem and can impact the health of everyone in their home. If they start to smell an odor like sulfur or rotten eggs coming from their vents, they might have a gas leak in their house. When this happens, they should call their gas company and fire department immediately. A gas leak can cause a fire or explosion, which is an extreme safety hazard. 

Some odors, however, aren’t that serious. They may smell a faint burning smell from their furnace when they first turn their system on. Most likely, there’s dust in the system that may be burning up. However, once the dust is cleaned out, the smell will most likely go away. 

If they smell something like an electrical wire or burnt metal, they will need to get their system checked out ASAP. This could signify that their system is overheating; therefore, they will need to turn off the system immediately and schedule a repair.

High Power Bills

Over time, their system will become less efficient. This reduced efficiency will result in their system taking a longer time to get to the right temperature. This sign isn’t as overt as the others but can cause their system to use more energy to do its job. As a result, their monthly rates will rise, even when they haven’t used it often. It’s important to note that utility companies can gradually raise their prices; however, if their bill shoots up drastically, it’s time to check out their system for a repair.  

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