Better Ways to Market Your Service Business

Although your service business may do great work, to achieve the success you desire, you’ll need to market your business. This doesn’t mean you need to purchase TV or radio ads to get your name out there. There are several ways to market your brand.

The goal of marketing your business is to ensure that when people need services that your business offers, you’ll be the first one they call.

How to Market Your Service Business

Create and/or Revamp Your Website

A website is one of the easiest ways for customers to learn about your business. It will give an overview of what you represent, what you offer, who you are, and where you’re located. Plus, optimizing your website for SEO and keyword ranking will help your website be one of the top results when customers search for services you offer.

Create a Social Media Presence

You won’t need to post daily on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram, but having a presence on each will help build your brand. Facebook is often used to help people find you quickly, give quick updates about the business, and share some pictures about jobs you’ve completed and what your business looks like.

Twitter is often used as a quick messaging platform to give updates about what’s happening in your business and what you’re looking to achieve. You can even post quotes that your business embodies. LinkedIn may not be necessary, but can always help. It will give your business a more professional aura to it and show people that you aren’t just a flash in the pan. You and your business are here to stay.

Instagram is one that you may be able to brush over, but will create a lighter side to your business. Posting pictures of past jobs, your business, and your employees will create a more personable feel and help you and your customers better connect.

Generating and Sharing Reviews

Reviews are often referred to as the lifeblood of service businesses. Ensuring customers have a positive experience with your business is imperative and getting them to share that positive review is crucial. Using sites like Yelp or Google My Business will help people find and share reviews about your business. You will also be able to manage reviews that are posted.

Clear and Consistent Messaging

Ensuring that all of the messaging is consistent and clear will help you better market your business. If you have a new service or special that is running and an employee fails to mention it or gets the details wrong, it can cause confusion among customers. Clear and consistent messaging reduces confusion and helps everyone stay on the same page.

Focus on Value Drivers

What about your business separates you from the rest? The most common responses are price and the services that are offered. One of the most commonly forgotten answers is the value provided to customers. This could be greeting each customer with a smile, a hello, a handshake, and an eagerness to get to work. Four things that require very little effort but go a long way with each customer.

Look at your business and find what value drivers you have. What separates your business from the rest? Which elements can you enhance or focus on to help better market your business?

Handouts and Flyers

The best ways to leave a lasting impression is through great work, great customer service, and handouts. These could be business cards, magnets, stickers, stress balls, or something else that can be left with each customer. This helps customers think of you whenever they need service done.

Promotional materials of specials that you are currently running and what types of maintenance agreements you offer will also benefit you and the customer.

Know Your Competition

Knowing what your competition is doing and offering will help provide you with a better picture of where your business stands. If you can gain an understanding of their values, services, and business model, you’ll be better off and have a leg up on them.

Creating a YouTube Channel

One of the easiest ways to market your business is through YouTube videos. This is one of the largest growing trends in the country and world. A few simple videos on how to fix simple repairs or tasks may help save your customers more money, meaning they’re trusting you to teach them how to perform their own work. This will help lead them to call you when they need service.

Plus, if the channel were to really take off, that may become a separate entity of your business!


There are many ways to market your service business – it’s finding what works best for you. Ensuring your customers can find and contact you easily should be one of your main goals.

If customers are struggling to do so, your business’s bottom line will suffer the most.

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