3 Tips to Get Clients to Make HVAC Payments by Credit Card

It can be very frustrating and time consuming to chase HVAC payments. Following up on past-due invoices is a huge time waster. Unpaid invoices also hurt your cash flow and bottom line. 

Wouldn’t it be great if your customers paid right away once an HVAC job is complete? 

It’s time to show your customers that it’s better for all parties involved to just swipe their credit card and pay immediately.

Let’s dive into 3 ways to get your clients to swipe that card and reap the benefits of getting paid when the job is completed:   

  1. Make it easier to pay
  2. Offer an incentive
  3. Remind customers of rewards 

1. Make HVAC Payments with a Credit Card Easier

Why would customers want to pay immediately instead of getting an invoice and paying later? 

It’s more convenient to swipe a credit card for HVAC payments and be done with It. 

This eliminates remembering how long you have to pay the bill, the invoice getting lost in the mail or a sea of emails. Even if a customer sees an invoice, they then have to remember to mail in the payment or log into a portal online. What a headache!

Here’s what you can do to make the payment process easier on the customer:

  • Make sure you are using service software that streamlines the process. Many service softwares accept payments in the field via a mobile card reader
  • Use a price book to show customers exactly what they are paying while giving them options on equipment
  • Carry a mobile printer to present payment receipts on-site

Now that you have some suggestions on how to make paying easy in the field, what else can persuade customers to swipe their card?

2. Offer An Incentive To Pay Immediately

Another great way to get your clients to buck up on the spot is to offer a perk. This is a good option if your business has an issue with past-due or unpaid invoices, or if your business is short on cash and needs payment ASAP.

Maybe you give customers a percentage off maintenance agreements or a discount if they pay with their credit card. 

You could also offer a tangible reward to customers who pay on the spot. This could include:

  • A insulated tumbler with your logo 
  • A $50 gift card to a local business or online retailer
  • A nice t-shirt or hat with your logo
  • A coupon for 20% off on their next service

The smaller costs of incentives may be worth it to your business, considering you’re losing money by waiting 30 or more days for a paid invoice.

Office staff will spend less time trying to track down the payment, and the flow benefit of having that payment in your pocket will outweigh a smaller cost for your business. 


3. Remind Customers of Rewards

Are your customers still hesitant to pay on the spot using their credit card?

If incentives don’t do the trick, you can use credit card benefits in your pitch to customers.

Many people use their credit cards to get all sorts of rewards: cash back, airline miles, etc. Remind your customers that they should use their credit card to pay to maximize their savings and rewards. 

And don’t forget to remind them about the time they will save submitting a payment or mailing a check! All they will need to do is pay off their credit card balance as usual.

Focusing on how easy and convenient it is to pay by credit card makes good business sense. After all, they are saving time, probably gaining rewards and getting the payment part of the job over and done with. 

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Let’s Get Swiping!

You now have 3 ways to get more of your customers to pay immediately in the field using a credit card. This should speed up your cash flow and cut down on chasing delinquent invoices! Both your office staff and bottom line will thank you.

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