Improve Your Plumbing Invoice Game in 3 Steps

After completing a job, a plumber should find the invoicing process fast and effortless! With efficient plumbing service software, everything becomes digital: customers receive their plumbing invoice instantly. They can pay either in person or online at their convenience!

Send those paper plumbing invoices to the museum and upgrade with premium plumbing invoicing software! In this article, we’ll provide several tips to accelerate your plumbing invoice process, including:

  • Adopting top-shelf plumbing software
  • Integrating with real-time QuickBooks
  • Accepting payments directly in the field

Ditch The Paper! 

If you’re still relying on paper invoices, there are compelling reasons to upgrade and go digital. Before we delve into our strategies for transitioning to a paperless system, here are some reasons to bid farewell to paper:

  • Paper invoices frequently go missing and are prone to errors. Messy handwriting and smudges add to the problem.
  • Sending a paper plumbing invoice to the customer takes physical work, either by mailing it or making one at the office. This can burden your office staff’s schedule.
  • Advanced software instantly emails or texts invoices and securely backs up all data in the cloud. This eliminates delays associated with paper.
  • Usually, offices store paper invoices in an outdated, cumbersome filing system. Ditching paper filing is the quickest way to declutter your workspace!

Now, let’s explore why plumbing software is the solution for more efficient invoicing.

1. Plumbing Software Makes Invoicing Easy

Imagine the convenience of having your plumbing invoice ready to roll the moment you stow your tools back in your truck. That’s the magic of plumbing software

Quickly generate your professional plumbing invoices on your smartphone or tablet, drawing from the services and parts in the app. Customers don’t have the time to wait while you fill out a carbon-copy invoice with a pen.

Another useful feature of top-notch software is the ability to easily review a customer’s past work. This customer history provides plumbers with insights into additional equipment the customer may require. It also offers plumbing businesses a record of their payments.

Cloud-based invoicing software lets you send invoices via email or a customer portal instantly. This will put an end to printing costs, handwriting, stamps or wasted time. Securely save and store invoices for hassle-free retrieval.

And as you’ll discover later in this post, customers can then conveniently pay on the spot. 

2. Streamlined Accounting with QuickBooks Integration

The majority of small plumbing companies rely on QuickBooks. So, it’s essential for the best plumbing invoice software to seamlessly integrate with this popular accounting tool. The benefits of QuickBooks integration with real-time sync are numerous:

  • Saves a significant amount of time with manual database entry. Input data once and watch it sync effortlessly between both software instances!
  • Instant sync ensures instant sharing of data. Other integrations such as delayed-sync and batch-sync can slow down processes.
  • Offers much higher accuracy concerning inventory and pricing.
  • Premium service software stores all data in the cloud, removing concerns about lost data, paper invoices, and filing hassles. In fact, cloud-based accounting software can reduce operating expenses by up to 50%! 


3. Customers Pay Right Away When the Job Is Done

Another fantastic time-saving cash flow feature of top plumbing software is the option for customers to pay online or on the spot immediately after a job. The entire process completes within minutes, including invoicing, payment terms, and accounting. Done! 

With FieldEdge Payments, customers no longer need to wait around for payment. With a card reader, you can request payment via debit or credit card right after completing the job. 

Customers appreciate the convenience, and your business benefits from improved cash flow! Next-day funding is also a significant advantage. It ends the need to chase unpaid plumbing invoices or delay revenue recognition.

Some customers prefer paying through the online customer portal. How does this differ from paying with a card in the field using FieldEdge Payments?

When using the customer portal, a technician or office personnel sends the customer an email with the services rendered. This includes the total amount with applicable taxes.

This email contains a link to the portal where customers can securely pay via credit card or using their banking information. This additional secure method of accepting payments is convenient for many plumbing customers.

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Game On With Instant Invoicing!

You have seen the power of service software like FieldEdge. In tandem with QuickBooks you’ll have a winning pair! Additionally, the system automatically generates and stores all your invoices in the cloud. This will save you  save HOURS every week with this change! 

In this article we covered:

  • Implementing top of the line plumbing software
  • Integrating with real-time QuickBooks
  • Accepting payment right in the field

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