Indoor Air Quality and COVID-19

With so many Americans being quarantined due to COVID-19, the importance of good indoor air quality is more important now than ever. For HVAC professionals, this is your opportunity to let customers know about the services you offer and how they can prevent mold, germs, and other airborne viruses from infiltrating their home.

People who live in apartment buildings are concerned that their HVAC units are circulating bad air, leading them to become infected. The same can be said for homeowners. Everyone wants to feel safe and secure in their home and now is your opportunity to provide that.

Benefits of Good Air Quality

The importance of indoor air quality is essential to all people, especially children, the elderly, and people with respiratory disorders. The majority of people think of their air quality in two ways, warm or cold. They clean as often as possible but you know that’s not the deciding factor in good air quality. This is your opportunity to upsell and let customers know the other benefits of indoor air quality.

Better Sleep

Breathing cycles change throughout the night, and if there is inconsistent airflow or impurities, it can lead to poor sleep or sleep apnea. By simply mentioning the possibilities of a better night’s sleep, customers will be more inclined to purchase a new air filter or a quarterly filter change.

Reduced Allergens

Poor air quality can lead to headaches, fatigue, and cause allergies to flare up more frequently. By suggesting a system that reduces dust, pollen, and animal dander, airborne allergens are reduced and air quality improves.

Improved Humidity Levels

Indoor humidity can often feel like a teeter-totter for homeowners. One minute it’s hot and dry, the next it’s damp and moist. Suggesting units and thermostats that better manage humidity levels will mean they’re calling you to take the next steps.

Reduced Energy Costs

What customer wouldn’t want to save money on their electricity bill each month? Improved airflow and ventilation help to optimize the homeowner’s system and ensure it’s not running at a more consistent level.

Benefits to Your Business

As you know, this time of year is when many homeowners have their Spring tune-ups and maintenance performed. With more people quarantined at home due to COVID-19, more people will be scheduling time for you to come visit.

When going on these calls, suggest the positive benefits and services your company can provide which lead to improved air quality in their home. These services should include duct and coil cleanings, filter changes, and additional air purifiers.

Additional Suggestions to Improve Indoor Air Quality

  • Clean the drainage hole in window AC units
  • Clean bathroom fans and vents
  • Caulk around windows and doors to reduce draft
  • Sell maintenance agreements to return on a yearly basis


As a result of these suggestions and services, you’ll increase your sales, and more importantly, add peace of mind and trust with your customers. This is a very stressful time for people and if you can provide them with a sense of calmness, it will go a long way for your business down the road.

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