Tips to Market Your Business During the Coronavirus Pandemic

As the number of Coronavirus cases continues to grow, it becomes more complicated to market your business. No matter what state the environment is in, marketing will still be an essential component. At a time like this, marketing becomes even more pivotal than before, and the focus begins to shift. Now, the focus is on safety, prevention, and consumer health, so your marketing messages and advertisements must reflect this. With a situation as sensitive as this, contractors must be strategic in the content they push out.

As more people are staying home and working from home, health and comfort control the narrative. Educational marketing is crucial at this time, and contractors should inform customers about general health issues.

Marketing Ideas

Social Media Marketing

To reiterate, many adults are working from home, which means more time will be spent online. Use this as a way to boost your company’s social media presence. Engage with your customers, build your brand, and create thought leadership pieces that will hook in your audience during this time.

As you create content for your social media channels, be sure to use relevant hashtags. This helps extend your reach, while also putting your brand at the forefront and staying up to date with your consumer. Some popular hashtags to get you started are #StopTheSpread and #SocialDistancing.

Email Marketing 

People have more time to scroll through their emails as well. Use this as an opportunity to nurture your leads and create strong email campaigns. Establishing brand-consumer trust is essential with the current environment, and even more critical for the longevity of your business. Why not take the time to hone in on it and set your business up for success?

Brand Positioning 

Think about what your business offers in relation to your industry and the Coronavirus. Is there anything that sets your company apart? Is there anything that your company can do differently? Take some time to define what helps your company stand out during this time, and use it to your advantage to help your customers and build more relationships.

Content Pieces 

This is a great time to create meaningful and engaging content for your audience. Consumers can now spend more time reading; therefore, this presents an opportunity for your business to create blog articles, e-books, or one-pagers that your consumer can take time engaging with.

Message and Communication

No matter which channel you use, you need the right message to effectively market your business. This is the time to reassure your customers that you’re available to help and take care of them. Effective communication with your customers during this virus helps later down the road. Use this time to promote how you will take care of your customers, and the precautions you’ll take to minimize contact and keep everyone safe.


As far as advertisements go, now is an excellent time to determine which medium to invest in. As mentioned before, more people are at home instead of going out and driving. Therefore, more money can be put towards pay-per-click advertising, social media advertising, and mobile advertising.


Figuring out a strategy to market your business during this time can be tough, but it’s not impossible. It’s essential to stay informed on the virus and ensure the safety of your customers. As the virus continues to grow, use this time to nurture leads, create valuable content, and build trust with your customers. In a time of uncertainty, unrest, and fear, your business should be close to its customers, even more than before.

As you continue to service your customers, be sure to follow best practices such as washing your hands, avoiding touching your face, avoiding close contact, and frequently disinfecting touched surfaces.

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