Webinar Recap: FieldEdge 101

Did you miss the FieldEdge 101 webinar for both past and present Wintac customers? Or, if you attended, do you wish you could share the webinar with your team? Well, you’re in luck!

Find the complete webinar recording below, as well as an overview of topics covered during the webinar.

Webinar Video: FieldEdge 101


Webinar Highlights

Want to know what to expect from the webinar? Here are a few primary topics and features covered in the recording:

  • You deserve a solid support team: With 98% same-day resolution on requests, our award-winning support team is always ready to assist. We’re committed to helping our customers accomplish their goals, no matter the issue or question that may arise.
  • An all-in-one dispatch board assists with operations: In the webinar, we share a glimpse of our simple yet powerful dispatch feature. Our scheduling tools, instant  dispatching and map view are just a few aspects customers love.
  • FieldEdge Mobile can enhance tech performance: It’s a powerful tool that’s easy to use in the field. FieldEdge Mobile makes it easy to keep your business running while you’re on-the-go. Because of instantly-updated work orders and multi-option quoting, techs have the tools to manage any situation.
  • Reporting and KPIs give a complete view of your business: Businesses can easily track service agreements, sales performance, revenue breakdown and more. Because data is in one place, you can create customizable reports and easily monitor performance at any time.
  • Software integrations help meet your unique needs: FieldEdge integrates with many third-party software.  Accounting, marketing and price book tools are just a few examples. Plus, we can even integrate with your phone system. This allows FieldEdge to automatically display customer information, record calls and track marketing effectiveness. Learn more about specific software integrations here.

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