Wintac User to FieldEdge Fan: National Temperature Control

Many customers who once used an on-premise software have switched to FieldEdge with great success. But don’t take it from us, a Wintac user turned FieldEdge customer can say it best. Here is one success story from an HVAC company.

National Temperature Control’s Story

For National Temperature Control, HVAC is all in the family. 

Frank Massicot began working in air conditioning when he was 17 years old. In 1999, he started National Temperature Control– family-owned and operated HVAC business. More than 20 years later, National Temperature Control is a successful HVAC company with eight employees, including five technicians.

A few years ago, Frank hired his daughter-in-law, Sherry Massicot, to work at the company as an office manager. It didn’t take long for her to realize that their business was growing too large to be managed with just pen and paper. She needed help organizing hundreds of customer accounts.

Together, Sherry and her husband, Frank, moved their business data from loose papers to a computer. They moved their accounting to QuickBooks and eventually signed up for a Wintac software solution to help with dispatching. 

Wintac really helped me to organize things,” said Sherry. It was beneficial to have a dispatch board and customer contacts in one place. 

After becoming a Wintac userSherry’s server experienced a crash, causing operations to suddenly haltFollowing the crash, she began wondering if a cloud-based solution might be better for the business. She also wished that she had the option to access Wintac on a computer at home instead of always logging in on the office desktop.

Wintac User to FieldEdge Customer 

Then, Sherry heard about FieldEdge. She wasn’t actively looking for a solution beyond Wintac, but realized that a more up-to-date software could help take their business to a new level. 

“I honestly just didn’t know what was out there in terms of software,” said Sherry. “We looked at FieldEdge and there were so many helpful features, plus it’s user friendly. I also liked the option to access it wherever I am. 

Sherry signed up with FieldEdge – here is how National Temperature Control benefitted from the switch:

case study_ntc_wintac


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