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FieldEdge and FleetSharp Announce Partnership to Provide Advanced GPS Functionality

ATLANTA, GA/FORT MYERS, FL (November 9, 2020) – FieldEdge, the leading field service management software provider in the U.S., is pleased to announce its latest partnership with FleetSharp, the leading fleet and asset tracking solution for fleets of all sizes.

FleetSharp is a complete solution that allows service businesses to track their vehicle and asset locations, driver behavior and vehicle maintenance needs simply by installing vehicle trackers that communicate information to businesses via UMTS networks. When businesses incorporate the FleetSharp GPS Vehicle Trackers into their service vehicles, they get instant, real-time access to vehicle and driver data, and can set up custom alerts that are tailored to the business’s needs.

With the integration of FleetSharp into FieldEdge, FieldEdge users can keep track of their vehicle locations and access GPS data within the FieldEdge software. The value of teaming up with FleetSharp enables FieldEdge to provide a wider range of features for service contractors and optimize their field service management solution. By adding advanced GPS functionality to their field service management solution, businesses gain better insight into their everyday operations and can manage their fleet/assets in a more cost-effective and efficient manner.

“We’re excited for our partnership with FleetSharp and the value that FleetSharp’s offering will bring to our customer base,” said Kirby Oscar, Director of Business Development & Strategic Partnerships at FieldEdge, “GPS/fleet tracking capabilities have always been important to businesses in our industry and we’re proud to be partnering up with FleetSharp to elevate the FieldEdge user experience”.

“FleetSharp’s mission is to simplify the complicated in GPS tracking, which pairs perfectly with FieldEdge’s platform for managing service businesses,” said John McCammond, Vice President for Partnerships at FleetSharp. “This integration gets key location data into the FieldEdge platform, and also gives FieldEdge customers access to more advanced reporting on driver behavior, maintenance tracking, and more in the FleetSharp portal.”

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About FieldEdge

FieldEdge, a subsidiary of Clearent LLC, is the leading provider of SaaS business management solutions to the home service market.  FieldEdge has helped thousands of service-based organizations increase sales performance and workforce productivity by managing all aspects of their daily operations since 1980. FieldEdge, with offices in Fort Myers and Atlanta, is a hyper-growth software company with a startup culture that is backed by over 40 years of industry-leading knowledge. To learn more, visit or visit our Glassdoor page.

About FleetSharp

FleetSharp is a leading provider of fleet and asset tracking solutions tailored to the needs of small to mid-sized service companies and fleets. FleetSharp delivers robust location-based solutions through a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, giving businesses the tools they need to improve fleet management, increase mobile worker productivity, and reduce operating costs. With the introduction of temperature monitoring sensors and dash cameras, FleetSharp continues to be at the forefront of innovation in the IoT field.

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