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Introducing Performance Pay as FieldEdge’s Newest Feature

ATLANTA, GA/FORT MYERS, FL (October 22, 2020) – FieldEdge (formerly dESCO), the leading field service management software provider in the U.S., is proud to extend the functionality of FieldEdge with the addition of Performance Pay, a new feature where service businesses can offer incentivized selling to their employees through SPIFFs and commissions.

With the addition of Performance Pay to FieldEdge’s feature set, businesses can encourage employees to increase sales performance by incentivizing them when they sell items that garner higher profits for the business and increase the average ticket size. They can choose exactly which items and/or agreements they want to apply the SPIFFs and commissions structure to, associate a percentage or dollar amount to each item/agreement, and split payouts amongst multiple employees if needed. By rewarding high performing employees through the SPIFFs and commissions structure, businesses can see their incremental sales go up because their technicians are selling more out in the field and technicians increase their earning potential by being compensated for driving more revenue for the business.

“With Performance Pay, our goal was to give businesses and technicians a reason to sell more and gain more profit ,” said Pete Fornieri, Vice President of Product, “Our hope is that with this new feature, businesses can train their technicians to be better salespeople, hone in their upsell skills and overall reward the employees that go above and beyond when they sell bigger ticket items”.

If you are interested in learning more about Performance Pay, please either reach out to your CSM if you are an existing customer or if you are looking into FieldEdge as your business’s field sevice management software, be sure to book a demo and ask one of our product experts to walk you through the new feature!

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FieldEdge, a subsidiary of Clearent LLC, is the leading provider of SaaS business management solutions to the home service market.  FieldEdge has helped thousands of service-based organizations increase sales performance and workforce productivity by managing all aspects of their daily operations since 1980. FieldEdge, with offices in Fort Myers and Atlanta, is a hyper-growth software company with a startup culture that is backed by over 40 years of industry-leading knowledge. To learn more, visit or visit our Glassdoor page.

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