How to Estimate HVAC Jobs with Estimate Software

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s not uncommon for people to call needing HVAC help immediately. When customer inquiries are flying in, HVAC estimate software is critical to quoting and winning jobs. 

Plus, by embracing apps and solutions that streamline workflow and enhance productivity, you can:

  • Minimize mistakes
  • Save time for higher value tasks
  • Reduce frustration and develop a more productive team
  • Remove the guesswork from the estimating process 

In this article, we’ll explore what the best HVAC estimate software can do for your business to increase conversions and crush the competition.


1. Connect With The Customer 

The best HVAC estimate software helps you to provide top-notch customer service. This is the first step to master before providing the customer with a quote.

Often, a customer will call or email while disgruntled or desperate due to an HVAC issue. Great customer service starts with this first interaction – listen to the customer’s concerns and clearly share how you can assist.

While your office staff are critical in this interaction, so is software. In fact, using HVAC estimate software upon a customer’s first connection can make the life of your office manager much easier and give the customer a better experience:  

  • Software can manage requests coming in so your staff can answer them quickly and efficiently
  • Sales calls can be recorded so they can be organized and reviewed later
  • Using tools like MarketingEdge can schedule automated texts and emails to keep the customer and the techs aware of appointment next steps

But as we mentioned earlier, customer service etiquette is crucial. Even if you are using the best software in the world, how your staff treats a customer can make or break a deal!

Customer Service Tips

Here are a few ways to approach a customer interaction:

  • Smile and Greet Customers Warmly: A friendly smile and a warm greeting can set a positive tone for the entire interaction. Use the customer’s name if possible, as it adds a personal touch.
  • Active Listening: Pay close attention to the customer’s needs and concerns. Let them speak without interruption and show empathy by acknowledging their feelings and validating their concerns.
  • Stay Calm and Patient: Even in challenging situations, remain calm and composed. Avoid becoming defensive or argumentative. Instead, focus on resolving the issue at hand.
  • Effective Communication: Use clear and concise language. Avoid jargon or technical terms that the customer may not understand. Ask open-ended questions to gather information and ensure you fully understand the problem.
  • Maintain a Positive Attitude: Regardless of the circumstances, maintain a positive and helpful attitude. Customers appreciate dealing with employees who are genuinely interested in assisting them.
  • Use Polite Language: Always use polite and respectful language. Avoid slang, offensive terms, or anything that might offend or alienate the customer.
  • Offer Solutions, Not Excuses: Rather than making excuses, focus on finding solutions to the customer’s problem. Be proactive in addressing their concerns.
  • Know Your Product or Service: Have in-depth knowledge about the products or services you offer. Being well-informed allows you to answer questions confidently and offer recommendations.

2. Offer Good/Better/Best Options via HVAC Estimate Software

After your office staff sets a quote appointment, next step will be for your technician to go out to the job. This is where HVAC estimate software is especially crucial because you can offer the customer multiple options. 

Let’s face it, more options equals more sales. By giving the customer choices you put the ball in their court and don’t come off as “pushy.”

Here are a few price presentation features that better serve your customers: 

  • A customizable good, better, best price presentation gives your customers the option that fits them best
  • Increase ticket size while giving customers the best option for their needs
  • Make sure you have a reliable digital price book. There you can update your options and preferences as you discover what sells and what doesn’t
  • Techs can add or remove items and services from a quote or invoice with a simple tap on their mobile device

Arming your techs with superior software in the field can be the difference between landing a sale or the customer walking away!

3. Build Accurate and Efficient Estimates

Now that you have presented different equipment and pricing options, it’s time to build your proposal  using HVAC estimate software.

Accurate estimating is the backbone of any successful HVAC project. Getting it right the first time mitigates mistakes and customer complaints.

The best HVAC estimate software renders rapid, on-the-go, professional estimates in a fraction of the time you’d spend with outdated software or worse: traditional pen-and-paper.

A good estimate should include the following:

  • Contact Information: business name, address, and contact information
  • Scope of work: A description of the HVAC system installation or repair work to be performed
  • Warranty Information: Details for both labor and HVAC equipment and its duration
  • Timeline: An estimated start and completion date for the project
  • Payment Schedule: Terms and conditions related to payments
  • Signature and Acceptance: Space for both the homeowner and the HVAC contractor to sign and accept the estimate

Also, your HVAC business can use the app to track labor, assets and materials—instantly allowing HVAC technicians to make informed decisions during the quoting process based on prior jobs.

Plus, with tools like  FieldEdge Proposal Pro, you’ll be able to access an easy step-by-step proposal tool to convert more estimates!

Use the right HVAC estimate software to streamline the process by generating estimates based on your most profitable jobs. Look at comparable work orders and jobs to determine the best plan of action.

Fast — and accurate, will allow you to confidently quote jobs quickly and win them!


4. Boost Accuracy and Consistency in Material Ordering

Hooray, your customer has signed off on a quote! But that’s just the first step in completing a job.

Managing HVAC projects involves procuring the right materials in a timely manner – whether that’s a new HVAC unit or thermostat swap. A great HVAC estimate software helps technicians maintain accuracy and consistency in material ordering.

Using a flat rate pricing book that integrates with HVAC estimate software can simplify the entire process. This allows presenting an overall price before a technician starts working which is beneficial to the business and the customer. Often it is more profitable, efficient and consistent.

By generating precise material lists based on project specifications, field service management software ensures HVAC technicians order the correct quantities and most recent models. In turn, this minimizes waste and reduces the likelihood of delays caused by incorrect or insufficient materials. 

A robust HVAC estimating software can integrate with suppliers’ databases, allowing users to access the latest pricing and availability information. As a result, this further streamlines the procurement process.


5. Power Up Your Project Management

In order to ensure a smooth execution, HVAC projects involve multiple complex tasks and components needing to be meticulously managed. 

The best HVAC estimate software goes beyond estimation by offering project management features to keep HVAC technicians organized and in control.

Use the #1 HVAC estimate software to:

  • Create project timelines 
  • Track HVAC technicians and job progress in real time
  • Seamlessly communicate with your team from anywhere
  • Make notes and take photos specific to the customer and job to reference later

By centralizing project-related information into one platform, HVAC technicians can optimize workflow, minimize delays and deliver projects on time and within budget this will help you win future jobs from this customer! 

6. Connect With Real-Time Collaboration

Collaboration among team members and customers is critical for successful project completion.

A top shelf HVAC estimate software facilitates real-time collaboration by enabling HVAC technicians to share project details, estimates and progress updates with customers and colleagues.

The ability to collaborate seamlessly in a digital environment enhances communication and transparency by reducing misunderstandings. Cut out potential conflicts before they happen!

HVAC technicians can easily:

  • Share project updates with each other and the office
  • Receive feedback from customers as soon as a job is completed
  • Communicated directly with the office on any job changes

This makes for a more efficient and productive work environment!

7. Increase Loyalty and Customer Satisfaction

Using an HVAC estimate software not only improves efficiency but also enhances professionalism and ongoing customer satisfaction

Customers expect accurate estimates, timely project updates and effective communication throughout the project. By utilizing digital tools like HVAC estimate software, technicians can provide customers with professional, well-documented estimates and follow-ups. 

Plus, an HVAC app’s features enable tech to promptly address customer queries, track project progress and maintain transparency. In turn, this fosters trust and satisfaction among customers.

Once a job is complete, keep up with your customers with newsletters, deals and more by using HVAC software to enroll them in automated email series. This will ensure that you will stay top-of-mind with customers when they need help!   

What Else Can the #1 HVAC Estimate Software Do?

Did you know, estimating is only one of the functions of the best HVAC estimate software?

Start using FieldEdge today to streamline everyday tasks:

  • Performance Dashboards: Access sales, service agreements and profitability at a glance.
  • Customer Management: Review your customers’ previous work, job notes and equipment.
  • Service Agreements: A snapshot of when service agreements are due for renewal, billing and scheduling. Automatically email or text reminders and invoices.
  • Mobile CRM: Run your business from anywhere with on-the-go work orders, dispatching and service reminders.
  • MarketingEdge: This tool is a fast and easy way to automate your marketing and communications, including email, text messaging, forms and more!

Want to streamline your estimating process with next level software? Schedule a personalized FieldEdge demo today!

Elevate Your Business With the Best HVAC estimate software

Upgrading to the #1 HVAC contractor software is no-brainer for your business:

The possibilities for scaling your business are endless with FieldEdge. Keep ahead of the competition and thrive in an evolving industry with the best HVAC estimate software!

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