[Infographic] HVAC Software Buying Guide

Choosing an HVAC Software

Choosing the right HVAC software for your business can seem like a daunting decision  – you may not know where to start. We are here to help! We have identified four simple considerations to help you choose the best HVAC software for your team. 

 A good software solution contributes to revenue growth while helping techs and office staff. You’ll want to make sure the field service software you’re considering aligns with your business goals and has the features you need.

Your HVAC software should also have the functionality to help you streamline operations and save time. Plus, technicians should be equipped in the field to improve efficiency and generate larger deals.

To help guide you through the buying process, read on and download our infographic about the four key factors HVAC businesses should consider before buying HVAC software:


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Let’s take a look at the four key factors covered in our infographic. 


Before you buy HVAC service software, identify what goals you set and challenges your business faces. This will aid you in matching the best software for your needs. 

Do you need help with dispatching your techs or deciding the ideal service price for a job? Having a good handle on your business’s strengths and weaknesses before you start researching software is important. 

Here are a few questions to consider when identifying your goals and current challenges:

  • Are you happy with your current profit margin? 
  • Do you need to increase it to achieve goals?” 
  • How many hours is your team spending on weekly operations? 

Do you want to decrease that time? 


You’ve identified your business needs and now it’s time to compare and contrast HVAC software features. Some of the typical software features HVAC companies look for are dispatch board abilities, mobile/app capability and third party tool integration.

Use the goals and challenges you identified in the first step – then research different software options and their features that may help. 


You probably have it narrowed down to a few choices at this point. Now it’s time to decide which features are the most important to your business.

Where are your pain points in your day-to-today processes? Which feature(s) could help with this challenge?


It’s time to watch product videos and demo the software. Free demonstrations are the best way to see if a software option will fit your business’s unique needs! 

This step should help you finalize options so you can make the right decision and start to streamline your operations! Additional considerations include the cost and any case studies/testimonials you can review.  

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