Increase Productivity During Downtime

When looking to increase productivity in your service business, it can be accomplished in many different ways. On a normal day-to-day basis, there are plenty of tasks that aren’t able to be accomplished that can turn your current downtime into productivity.

Website Updates

You don’t need to be a website developer or know a ton about website development. This time can be used to research your competitor’s website and find out what they’re doing. What information are they including, what prices are they charging?

This information will help you determine the areas of your website that may be lacking or where you’re already exceeding expectations. You can also learn more about your website and how to make changes on your own!

Social Media

Social media is a great way to get in touch with your existing and potential customers. During this quarantine, social media and other app usage has increased by 20%. Strike while the iron’s hot!

With your downtime, scheduling social media posts days and weeks in advance will help you build your brand and better connect with your audience. By sharing relatable information and content, you’ll also gain a better understanding of your customers and what type of verbiage to use when reaching out to them.

Keep in Touch

What better way to stay busy and show your customers how much you care by contacting them? A quick call to your agreements customers and loyal customers will go a long way for your business.

Letting your customers know they’re on your mind, you hope they’re staying safe, and if they need anything will speak volumes to your business and what you represent.


Over time, things get dirty and need some TLC. Clearing your desk and office of clutter will help you get reorganized and maybe even remind you of some things that slipped through the cracks over the past year(s).

Another area that often needs some good cleaning is the inside of your vehicles. With so much traffic in and out of them on a daily basis, they get dirty quickly. Presentation is everything and showing up to a customer’s home with a clean vehicle is important. Plus, techs can feel more comfortable and relaxed knowing they don’t have to get into a dirty vehicle each time.


This time doesn’t need to be viewed as wasted time and opportunities. While times may be tougher for some than others at the moment, there are still opportunities to keep your business moving forward and stay productive.

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