Smile Through the Calls with Nikki DeCausemaker

On this episode of the Profit Roadmap, we’re talking with Nikki DeCausemaker the founder of CallBoss, and she is also married to Biggest Badass winner, John DeCausemaker of Little John’s Lawns.

We cover some great topics, including:

  • Solving complex problems
  • How to overcome unforeseen challenges
  • Simple ways to scale your business
  • One simple trick to deliver a better customer service experience
  • And so much more!

Nikki’s Origin Story

Nikki is a mom of four kids who helped her husband (John DeCausemaker) open Little Johns Lawns back in 2012. The company grew quickly, and Nikki felt like she wanted to pursue other career avenues.

They hired a local answering service to help them scale their lawn care. She quickly realized that adding this additional service was great to help them grow and could be used for more than just answering calls.

They quickly realized that using this same method they were able to take this model and apply it to help other businesses grow.

And from those early days of scaling up their team, CallBoss was born. Like many new companies, those initial days are proving grounds, and eventually, they reach a tipping point.

Nikki had to make a decision to eventually put more of her time and effort into taking CallBoss from a side project to a new opportunity. That was in 2019, and even though they had plans to take the traditional office path, they pivoted after the pandemic and were able to move forward with remote work.

Early Challenges

When they first started out, it was difficult to forecast all the potential challenges they would face.

There was no IT department when they kicked things off which meant that Nikki had to learn how to get people set up on a variety of different technology platforms. This required a flexible mindset and learning a lot of things on the fly.

Like most challenges in life, they learned to adapt, grow, and move forward.

Smile Through the Calls

CallBoss has a motto that they live by: “Smile through all the calls.” 

Even though you can’t see the face on the other side of the phone, being able to smile provides a warmth that can be felt and it creates a better overall experience.

This is a HUGE tip that all service businesses should add into their phone trainings.

With that, it is important to know how to deal with angry clients and when to ask for reviews from some of your best clients.

The CallBoss team knows that the businesses they serve, and the clients affiliated with those businesses, deserve the best experience and they aim for that every step of the way. It starts with a smile and they deliver amazing service at every touchpoint. 

Day to Day With CallBoss

For lots of entrepreneurs and business owners, they are stuck wearing several hats so to speak. 

A customer service and answering team like CallBoss can take away some of those responsibilities and free up some time by answering the phones for entrepreneurs.

Simply put, they provide that first line of defense on the phones and always answer with a smile. From there they can do things like answer questions, provide estimates, and help close sales.

They can also help “de-escalate” some of the clients who are tougher and come with an issue they need solved right away.

They work with a variety of service businesses ranging from lawn care to garage door installation and everything in between.

For some businesses, this provides some extra cushion for all-hands meetings, or when more of the team needs to be in the field. CallBoss ensures that the phones are always taken care of.

Learn More About CallBoss

Want to learn more about CallBoss? Be sure to visit their website or give them a call at 602-560-2582.

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