Estimating Software for Electrical Businesses – Features & Options

The right estimating software for electrical businesses can significantly impact its bottom line: streamlining processes, enhancing accuracy, and ultimately contributing to improved profitability. 

In this article, we will explore the key features and benefits of game-changing estimating software designed for established electrical businesses. Even if you already have estimating software, you could be missing out without a few key features! 

In this article we’ll explore:

  • Why your business needs top-shelf estimating software
  • Features that make life easier for employees and customers
  • The convenience to convert estimates to invoices
  • Additional features of electrical software that help with scheduling and dispatching, customer management and more
  • Several other estimating apps to consider

The Importance of Accurate Estimating in Electrical Contracting

Accurate estimating is the foundation of success for electrical businesses. It ensures that projects are priced competitively, it helps win jobs, and prevents financial setbacks due to underestimation.

Inaccurate estimates can lead to:

  • Cost overruns 
  • Project delays 
  • Strained client relationships 

Game-changing estimating software addresses these challenges by providing a systematic and precise approach to project estimation.

With the right electrician software, estimating should be a quick and easy process with the electricians entering in a few key pieces of information for a specific job. Just like that, your estimate is ready to send to the customer for review and sign off using your phone or tablet. 

And, all your information is stored safely in the cloud–no worries about losing estimates. 

Key Features of Estimating Software for Electrical Businesses

There are several must-have features to keep your eyes out for when choosing estimating software for electrical businesses. Whether you are a smaller operation or have a fleet of trucks, the right estimating software can be groundbreaking for your business. 

Accuracy Matters – Win Those Jobs!

Ever lost a job because of a miscalculation? Estimating software is your ultimate tool for precision. It considers material costs, labor expenses, and even factors in the complexity of the project. Say goodbye to those embarrassing, “Oops, we underestimated” moments.

Templates: Your Time-Saving Sidekick

Who has time to start estimates from scratch every single time? With estimating software, customizable templates and forms are your superhero cape. Create professional and consistent estimates with a few clicks, saving you time for more important things.

Streamlined Workflows = Less Stress

Project collaboration and reporting are all part of the package. Estimating software streamlines your workflow, making project management a breeze. Track jobs like a hawk, collaborate seamlessly with your team, and make informed decisions based on real project data. Less stress, more success!

Money Talks – Cost Savings Galore

Ever wonder where all your hard-earned money is going? Estimating software helps you plug those money leaks. It prevents costly errors, optimizes material and labor costs, and ensures you’re not overestimating or, even worse, leaving money on the table. It’s like having a financial guardian angel.

Grow Your Business, Not Your Stress Level

Scalability is the name of the game. As your business grows, so does the workload. Estimating software scales with you, handling more projects, users, and data effortlessly. Forget about outgrowing your tools – this software is in it for the long haul.


Make Invoicing and Accounting Easier

The beauty of electrical estimate &  invoicing software is the ability to convert an estimate to an invoice with the click of the keyboard or a screen tap. This is huge on the accounting end of the business. No more generating invoices in-office once the customer approves a job. It’s done for you! 

Most electrical estimating software solutions are also connected to QuickBooks. Since most service businesses use QuickBooks, this is a game changer as every transaction is automatically entered into your electrical accounting software. 

With accounting integrations, your office staff is instantly on the same page as the tech in the field – no more chasing down job or transaction information. 

Once it’s time for a customer to fulfill an invoice after a job is complete, you want to make it easy for them to pay online. Electrician estimating software can also help with this!  Look for software that offers electronic invoices to make the payment process as easy as possible. 

What Else can Electrician Software Do?

Estimating is only one of the handy functions of service software. There are many other features. Next-level electrical software (like FieldEdge!) can help you with all of the following:

  • Performance Dashboards: Keeps you on top of your business by showing sales, service agreements and profitability at a glance.
  • Customer Management: The ultimate pre-game preparation! Review all work performed and what equipment a customer is using before you get to the job. Also, use images to show homeowners what problems exist.
  • Mobile CRM: Allows you to run your business from anywhere. Create work orders, dispatch techs and send reminders from your mobile device. 

Competition to Consider

There are many different options to consider when selecting estimating software for electrical businesses. Here are a few options:

  • FieldEdge: FieldEdge is the ultimate field management service software for contractors that connects every part of your business on one simple, yet powerful system. Accessible from anywhere and updated in real-time, FieldEdge gives everyone on your team an extra edge, from the office to the field.
  • Procore Estimating (formerly Esticom): This software is best if you are in new construction. This platform performs quantity takeoffs, estimates, and professional proposals. However, since they concentrate on purely estimating software, there’s a disconnect between  estimating and project management.
  • Jobber: A home services platform that offers scheduling, quoting and estimating, invoicing, payment processing, team management, and customer communication tools. Jobber may have less integrations and less support than other options.
  • Housecall Pro: Another home businesses software featuring online booking, dispatching, invoicing, payment processing, marketing tools and customer management. They don’t have real strong payment processing though. 
  • Service Fusion: Service Fusion is a field service management software. It offers scheduling and dispatching, job estimating and quoting, inventory management, and reporting and analytics among other things. However their integrations are not their strong point. 
  • ServiceTitan: Offers home and commercial service software Job scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, payment processing, equipment tracking, inventory management, and reporting are a few of its best features. However with Service Titan, you may be paying for features you don’t really need or use.  

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Level Up With Electrical Estimating Software!

Game-changing estimating software for electrical businesses is a transformative tool that revolutionizes the way estimates are created, managed, and executed. 

Upgrading to the #1 estimating software for electrical businesses is a no-brainer:

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Generate instant estimates on-the-go
  • Track electricians and job progress in real time
  • Access client account information from anywhere
  • Position prices based on your most profitable jobs

By leveraging the advanced features of top shelf software, your business can position itself for success in a competitive market and pave the way for future growth and profitability.

Start estimating like a pro today!


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