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Why Your Field Software Needs QuickBooks Integration

Both QuickBooks and field service software can be game changers for your business. Combine the two, and you can drastically optimize your business operations. Choosing a field service software with a QuickBooks integration can save hours of work each week.

How does QuickBooks work with field service software? Developers code an integration into the backend of your field management software. The integration allows information transfer between your app and QuickBooks. You spend less time on manual entry because all information flows between software. 

As we explore this integration, we will focus most on what is capable with instant QuickBooks sync. Software with instant QuickBooks sync shares data instantly between the two systems. Delayed or batch sync are other types of integrations in which syncing is not instant. However, all integrations help share information between programs.

Why You Need QuickBooks Integration

How exactly can a field service software and QuickBooks integration help your business? Here are four ways: 

  1. Save Time and Trees – If you have a QuickBooks online integration, your office staff may save 15-20 hours a week. How? By avoiding manual data entry from paper or another software into an accounting program. Because of this, your office manager or techs only need to enter data once for it to reflect across platforms. Plus, no more loose papers waiting to be entered into software. With this integration your office will be greener (and less cluttered)!
  2. Instant Transactions – Depending on your field management app, transactions in the field may flow right to the QuickBooks billing system. This allows office staff to stay on top of accounting at all times. Because of a live integration, the moment you send an invoice to QuickBooks, it’s there for you to see. Now your staff can take the guess work out of invoices, outstanding accounts and more.
  3. Avoid Double Data Entry – There is no room for double-entry of paperwork with instant QuickBooks sync. Enter information in one place and it updates in your field management software and QuickBooks. Office staff won’t need to enter additional information based on paperwork. But what if there is a mistake in the entry? An instant field service software and QuickBooks integration means you can fix it in one place and it will be corrected everywhere. Now there is no need to correct multiple digital or hard copy records due to one slip up.
  4. Track and Manage Inventory – QuickBooks sync ensures that your inventory is accurately counted and priced within field service software. Because of this feature, you don’t have to guess how much inventory is at the office or warehouse. Your integration ensures that your team has that information in real time. If your field service software has a mobile app, techs can check the status of inventory from their phone or tablet. You can also track when trucks need a restock. This reduces windshield time by eliminating extra trips to the office or warehouse for materials.

What if I don’t have QuickBooks?

A field service software QuickBooks integration is a powerful tool that creates efficiencies in accounting. However, if you are not currently a QuickBooks user, the thought of switching your system may seem daunting. Although it takes a little work on the front end, QuickBooks can help streamline your accounting and operations. If you are interested in purchasing FieldEdge, our team can help you make the switch to QuickBooks.

About Instant QuickBooks sync with FieldEdge

FieldEdge invented the first true QuickBooks field service software integration in 1998. More than twenty years later, we are a QuickBooks platinum partner providing you with the best integration available. Learn more about FieldEdge and QuickBooks integration.

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