12 Top HVAC Podcasts to Stream in 2024

If you work in HVAC, you’re most likely spending hours driving between job sites, or working long hours in the office. Those truck rides and workdays can sometimes get boring and tedious. 

However, there is a way to make work days and  commutes a little more exciting and productive — without any extra work! 

Instead of sitting behind the wheel or computer in silence or with music playing in the background, why not listen to something more informative?

No matter how long you’ve been in the industry, there’s always room to learn. There are always new ideas out there that can broaden your perspective and enhance your skills. 

And a great way to learn while driving or completing admin tasks is by listening to an HVAC podcast.

What are podcasts?

Simply put, podcasts are audio programs that you can listen to through your smartphone, computer, laptop, tablet, etc. They are a series of spoken-word audio episodes that focus on a particular topic.

The most popular HVAC podcasts are easily accessible on the internet and free to stream or download, no matter what operating device you have (iOS or Android). 

Typically, you can download a podcast through digital music and video services (Apple, Spotify, Pandora, YouTube) and listen to them whenever you want. Here are some of the more popular streaming platforms:

Ready to get listening? Here’s a list of our favorite HVAC podcasts for technicians.

Top HVAC Podcasts

1. HVAC Masters of the Hustle

The host of HVAC Masters of the Hustle, Jason Walker, has designed this podcast to help people strive for success and excel to the next level within the HVAC industry. 

Throughout this series, he introduces and interviews some of the top-performing HVAC entrepreneurs who offer valuable advice through their success stories and tricks of the trade. 

This HVAC podcast is guaranteed to supply the ins and outs of how to prepare yourself daily in order to climb to the top of the industry. New episodes of The HVAC Masters of the Hustle Podcast are released weekly on Mondays.

On this HVAC podcast, you’ll learn topics such as:

  • Shifting your mindset
  • Getting involved in the community
  • Capitalizing on every opportunity as an installer
  • Growing your business from 20 million to 100 million

Recent Episode: Ruben Sanchez Builds Biggest Business In His Market

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2. HVAC Success Secrets

Your hosts Thaddeus and Evans share many HVAC secrets that will help your career. Whether you’re a seasoned pro, a tech, or a CSR, there’s something for everyone in this podcast. 

Their humor and style make for an easy-listening podcast packed with tips and strategies you’re sure to use in your daily duties. 

They recently were on the Profit Roadmap podcast How To Thrive & Maximize Sales During A Recession.  

On this HVAC podcast, you’ll learn topics such as:

  • How to build efficiencies
  • HVAC business tips
  • Great advice for terrible mistakes
  • Investing in HVAC training

Recent Episode: Training, Training, Training: The Secret To Becoming an HVAC MVP with Joe Crisara

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3. Smart HVAC Marketing/The Trademarke 

If you are in HVAC management, many times marketing takes a back seat to all the other aspects of running an HVAC business. But marketing can’t be overlooked. Eric Thomas presents effective marketing strategies, lead generation, social media tactics and SEO optimization for HVAC contractors. This is a great podcast to up your marketing game!

On this HVAC podcast, you’ll learn topics such as:

  • Brand development
  • Taglines
  • New ways to learn
  • The importance of asking questions

Recent Episode: KPIs For Your Internal Marketing Team With Matt Tyner

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4. HVAC School

HVAC School focuses on the technical side of the HVAC industry and is a must-listen for technicians who want to grow their knowledge. 

This podcast mainly covers topics that aren’t as widely discussed, such as commercial refrigeration and ductless systems. 

They also feature helpful information about hiring, interviewing, and training. HVAC School releases new episodes every Tuesday and Thursday.

On this HVAC podcast, you’ll learn topics such as:

  • Saving energy with grocery store refrigeration
  • Healthy air supplements
  • Common callbacks and failed inspections
  • Pool heaters

Recent Episode: Understanding Low Voltage Wiring for AC & Heat Pumps 3D

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5. The HVAC Apprentice

Lamont Page hosts this podcast aimed at new or potential HVAC technicians who are breaking into the trade. This podcast is great for those just starting out or in the first few years of the trade.

They discuss best practices, best tools and host guests from throughout the HVAC world. There are some great stories and many positive reviews from those learning the trade.

On this HVAC podcast, you’ll learn topics such as:

  • Mindset changing books
  • Investing in yourself to become successful
  • Callback setbacks
  • Preparing for the changes in season

Recent Episode: Do You Have What It Takes?

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Did you know FieldEdge has a Podcast for the trades? FieldEdge and Service Autopilot are proud to bring you the Profit Roadmap podcast.

This podcast is specifically for field service professionals – from lawn care to HVAC to residential cleaning, plumbing, and more!

The Profit Roadmap is co-hosted by Ryan Yelvington, FieldEdge content creator, and Rebekah Spencer, Service Autopilot growth marketer. Together they’ve been working with service professionals just like you for over 16 years.

On this HVAC podcast, you’ll learn topics such as:

Here are just a few of the recent episodes:

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7. The HVAC Jerks

The HVAC Jerks is a podcast hosted by two down-to-earth contractors who discuss industry tips, technical topics, and business advice

If you prefer listening to morning talk shows, then this podcast will be perfect for you. The casual banter makes it easy to listen to and enjoy.

On this HVAC podcast, you’ll learn topics such as:

  • Wasting time: How to get things done now
  • Winter inventory
  • Natural gas vs. propane
  • Delivering top quality work 

Recent Episode: Pop Culture Conspiracy

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8. Zach Talks Shop

Zach Talks Shop is a podcast hosted by Zach Psioda, a 20+ year HVAC service veteran. 

He uses his in-depth experience to shed light on all types of issues that affect HVAC technicians, company owners, and students.

Zach discusses the current issues concerning the latest products and developments in the industry. HVAC Shop Talk releases new episodes every Sunday at 8 p.m. EST.

On this HVAC podcast, you’ll learn topics such as:

  • Best power tools at Lowe’s and Home Depot
  • HVAC gauges
  • Job tension
  • HVAC tips that will save your install 

Recent Episode: HVAC Gauges / The Home Invasion / Storm Approaching

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9. Reliable HVACR

This educational podcast with host Adrian Garcia hosts different guests from the HVAC field on every episode. Super informative and very engaging, this podcast is a must listen for HVAC techs and management. 

New episodes drop two to three times a month. 

On this HVAC podcast, you’ll learn topics such as:

  • Teaching the next generation
  • Industrial refrigeration
  • Motivation
  • The science behind refrigeration

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Recent Episode: Cannabis HVAC w/ Matt and Megan from Mechanical Environments

10. HVAC Know It All

Hosted by Gary McCreadie, a licensed refrigeration and gas technician with 20 years of experience, HVAC Know It All is the premier podcast for hands-on technical and professional advice, as well as tool reviews. 

His main goal is to learn, teach and entertain, all in a positive environment. HVAC Know It All releases new episodes weekly.

On this HVAC podcast, you’ll learn topics such as:

  • Heat pump design
  • Adding an HVAC consultant to your services
  • Climbing the HVAC ladder
  • Electrification and The Grid

Recent Episode: AC Service Call – Diagnosis And Refrigerant Leak Check

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11. HVAC Uncensored

This podcast covers tips on business, technical advice and overall great advice on making more money in your HVAC business.

The host works in the HVAC field and provides a humorous perspective to the trade. 

On this HVAC podcast, you’ll learn topics such as:

  • Growing your money
  • Dream tools and tool bag
  • Overcoming the day to day hurdles
  • Growing a construction company

Recent Episode: HVAC Uncensored Talks with HVAC Nate AKA Nate Christian

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12. Blue Is The New White

A unique podcast, this podcast focuses on how a blue collar career can be just as honorable, even more so, than a white collar desk job. 

Hosted by Mike Mayberry, an HVAC professional with over 33 years in the industry, you’ll be sure to sharpen up your sales and industry skills with all of his valuable, relatable insight. 

On this HVAC podcast, you’ll learn topics such as:

  • Closing the skills gap
  • Blue collar coaching
  • Educating tomorrow’s workforce
  • Increasing retention through culture, mission, vision and values

Recent Episode: Hire Better People Faster with Ryan Englin

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Get Listening to the Best HVAC Podcasts

Next time you’re on your way to a job or the office, consider listening to one of these HVAC podcasts. 

Not only are they great to have on in the background, but they allow you to learn new tips and tricks within the industry, stay up-to-date with market knowledge, and help you feel more productive – all during your commute or office time. Listen to your favorite HVAC podcasts today!


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