3 Reasons Your Electrician Invoice Should be Paperless

When an electrician finishes up a job, the invoicing process should be quick and easy! With good electrician software, everything goes digital: customers can get their electrician invoice instantly and pay right in the driveway or later online! 

Send the paper invoices to the museum and level up with top shelf electrician invoicing software! 

In this article, we’ll offer several tips on speeding up your electrician invoice game by:

  • Implementing top-of-the-line electrical software
  • Integrating with real-time QuickBooks
  • Accepting payment right in the field

The Paper Needs To Go! 

If you are still using paper invoices, there are many reasons to level up and go digital.

Before we dive into our tips for going paperless, here are some of the reasons to ditch the paper:

  • Paper invoices get misplaced and are more prone to errors (think of messy handwriting and dirt smudges after a busy job!).
  • You have to physically send a paper electrician invoice to the customer. This involves mailing or generating a paper invoice at the office, which fills up the schedule of your office staff.
  • When you use high-end software, the invoice is emailed or texted instantly and everything is backed up in the cloud – no more delay due to paper.
  • Paper invoices have to be stored somewhere. Probably in that antiquated giant filing system you have back at the office. Eliminating paper filing is the fastest way to cut clutter!

Now let’s dive into tips for going paperless and speeding up invoicing:

1. Electrician Software Eliminates Invoicing Issues

Wouldn’t it be great if your electrician invoice was ready to go as soon as you packed your tools back in your truck? 

That’s the beauty of electrical software. Your electrician invoice is generated right on your smartphone or tablet based on the services and parts that you have previously entered into the app while on the job. Customers really don’t want to wait around as you fill out a carbon-copy invoice using a pen. 

Another handy feature of top software is the ability to quickly review all of a customer’s past work that was completed or quoted. This customer history gives the electrician a good idea of what additional equipment the customer may need. It also can tell the business their record of payments.

Invoicing also becomes easier when you have software dashboards that track all your service agreements. Your staff will save a lot of time knowing when service agreements are due for renewal, billing and scheduling.  

Cloud-based invoicing software allows you to send an invoice through email or a customer portal immediately. No printing costs, hand writing, stamps or wasted time. Invoices are saved and stored for easy retrieval. 

And, as you’ll see later in this post – the customer can then pay right on the spot. Simple!

2. QuickBooks Integration Simplifies Accounting 

Since the majority of small businesses use QuickBooks, the best electrician software should integrate with the popular software. The advantages of a QuickBooks integration with real-time sync are numerous:

  • Saves ton of time with manual database entry – only enter data once and it will sync to both software instances!
  • Instant sync shares data in real-time (other integrations like delayed-sync and batch-sync can slow things down)
  • Much more accurate with regard to inventory and pricing

Top shelf service software stores everything in the cloud, no more worrying about lost data, lost paper invoices, filing, etc. In fact, cloud-based accounting software reduces operating expenses by up to 50%! Jump on that software train now – it’s a no-brainer!


3. Pay Right Away When Job Is Completed

Another great time-saving cashflow feature of top electrician software is the ability for customers to pay online or on the spot after a job. This sweetens the pot as the entire process can take minutes: invoicing, payment and accounting reconciliation. Boom! Next job please.

When a customer uses FieldEdge Payments, there’s no more waiting around for payment. With a card reader, you can ask a customer to pay via debit or credit card as soon as the job is done.

Customers love the convenience and your business will love the cash flow! Next-day funding is huge, too. No more chasing down unpaid electrician invoices or waiting to recognize revenue. 

Some customers are more comfortable paying through the online customer portal. How does this differ from paying with a card in the field using FieldEdge Payments? 

If using the customer portal, a tech or office person sends the customer an email for payment. This contains a link to the portal where customers can pay through credit card or using their banking information. This is an extra secure way to accept payment that electrical customer love.

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Paper-Free, Instant Invoicing with Service Software!

You have seen the power of service software like FieldEdge. Paper invoicing is in the past and your invoices are automatically generated and stored in the cloud. You’ll save HOURS every week with this change! 

In this article we covered:

  • Implementing top of the line electrical software
  • Integrating with real-time QuickBooks
  • Accepting payment right in the field

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