Grow Fast With Your Electrical Contractor Website

Since your electrical contractor website is almost always the first place leads visit before converting, it’s a crucial part of increasing sales to grow into a vibrant business.

In this article we’ll take a deep dive into what a professional website looks like and how you can go about improving yours into a lead generating machine! Here is what we’ll cover:

  • Pro tips to creating a mobile-friendly website
  • Using clear Calls-To-Action (CTA’s) to maximize leads
  • Implementing live chat to actively engage with visitors
  • Automating your marketing with the best electrician software

Make Your Electrical Contractor Website Mobile

When designing a website for today’s customers, it has to be mobile friendly. Responsive and easy-to-use electrical contractors websites increase your chances for landing new customers. Remember, with a fast-paced culture, consumers have little patience, which makes a fast electrical contractor website crucial.

Pages should load within 1-2 seconds. At 3 seconds, 53% of mobile site visitors are long gone!

To be responsive, your electrical contractor website must be viewable, interactive, and change according to the screen size the customer is using. In a recent study, the top 2 reasons visitors leave a website are:

  1. low loading issues (88.5%)
  2. Non-responsive issues (73.1%)

Last year, mobile devices generated more than 50% of all website traffic. In addition, this number continues to increase every year. As a result, it’s important to make it as easy as possible for mobile traffic to gather the information they need from your electrical website quickly and easily! 

Feature Clear Call-To-Action

The most important piece of your electrical contractor website is the CTA. This tells potential customers the next action you want them to take after engaging with your website.

Take a look at a few examples of commonly used CTA’s:

  • Call XXX-XXX-XXXX to claim your free estimate!
  • Click here to book your first appointment!
  • Fill out this form to get your free estimate!

You’ll use your CTA to increase conversions and ensure leads fall into the right marketing funnel.

Where should you park that CTA on your website? Wherever there is traffic! So pretty much everywhere:

  • Homepage
  • Top navigation on every page
  • Throughout or at the end of blogs, articles, etc.

There are a few things to keep in mind concerning CTA’s. Leave negative space and less clutter around your CTA.

Cutting down on distractions leads to a higher conversion rate by 232%. Long form landing pages with multiple CTA’s also increase lead conversion by 220%


Implement Live Chat to Increase Conversions

When prospects are browsing your website a chat feature is another great feature to reel them in! The goal of your electrical contractor website is to provide a great experience for your prospective customers. A live chat feature accomplishes this by:

  • Answering any questions a user may have about your services
  • Meeting the customer where they are, enhancing the customer experience
  • Encouraging a customer to set up a demo

No one likes calling a business for information only to get redirected overseas, or worse, transferred or disconnected by poor customer service. A live chat tells the potential customer: we’re here to help you now!

Automate Your Marketing With the #1 Electrician Software

The #1 electrician software has the power to automate your daily marketing tasks.

  • A better customer experience: FieldEdge helps manage your customers more effectively. In turn, positive experiences increase word-of-mouth leads, referrals and online reviews
  • Present your business as professional and polished. With FieldEdge price presentation, your business will run like a well-oiled machine! Electricians are able to present a matter of fact, easy to understand price to the customer while on the job. 
  • Email marketing help: Once you have referrals to build a customer base, you can email them easily with upsells and other valuable information.

See how FieldEdge can help you land more electrical leads! Book your FREE personalized demo today!

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Boost Your Business Today With the Best Electrical Contractor Website

Growing your business begins with an engaging electrical contractor website. Implementing just a few changes can have a huge effect on securing more leads and building a more profitable business.

In this article we covered:

  • Winning strategies for developing a mobile-friendly website
  • Using Clear CTA’s to increase conversions
  • Implementing live chat to effectively engage with visitors
  • Maximize your marketing dollars by automating campaigns using the #1 electrician software

Use these winning strategies to develop the best electrical contractor website to start beating the competition now!

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